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Satanism . . . Is it for real?

Mokokchung, August 2 (MExN): Type the word ‘Nagaland satanic’ on the Google search engine, and websites with news about the presence of satanic worshipers in the state pop up. The number 3000 will also figure in most of the news articles. “There are more than 3000 worshippers in the state capital alone” is a phrase you will find in the news articles.

What more? This quiet town of Mokokchung, of late, is also agog with the word ‘satan’, ‘satanic worshippers’ and ‘satanic church’. Preachers have of late been holding onto this topic.

However, there is no concrete proof of their existence other than words and assertions. For the past few weeks, all that concerned citizens could say about these ‘satanic worshippers’ was that this group goes by the name ‘The Black Bulls’ with the tag ‘Awakening the Horror’.

This was confirmed, when a news agency quoted Rev. Wati Longkumer, director of the Nagaland Missionary Movement, as saying, “Some of the Christian youth who have renounced Satan worship have told us that they would be called for services after midnight at the Kohima War Cemetery and other locations, and asked to wear black T-shirts and be called by their new nicknames.” He reportedly said that he has seen membership forms for a group calling itself ‘The Black Bulls’ and inviting youngsters to become part of devil worship.

A hunt for this ‘Black Bulls’ membership form was initiated by some Mokokchung based journalists, who finally got hold of a xerox copy. Besides the silly grammatical mistakes in the 7-point ‘Rules and Regulations’, the Black Bull “gang”, as this alleged satanic group like to call themselves, resembles an adolescent teenage group.

Rules No 6 & 7 in the membership form makes an interesting read: ‘If anything happens to any members of this group everyone should be present to defence him.’ No 7 reads: ‘If anyone breaks the rules of this gang he will be punished according to his deeds.’ The form costs Rs 20.

A concerned citizen (a scribe who wished not be named) had this to say, “Whatever this group maybe, people should not jump to conclusion and brand them as satanic unless and until we have concrete proof.” As of now in Mokokchung, there is no proof that there are members of this ‘Black Bulls’ gang.

Moreover, what is more baffling is the sudden disclosure about the existence of 3000 satanic worshippers in the Kohima capital alone ahead of the “Transformation Crusade” in April, 2013.

The Number 3000, from where did it spring from?
On April 4, 2013, the organizing committee of the “Transformation Crusade” which was conducted from April 24-30 held a press conference at Hotel Japfü, Kohima. There, Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo, Sr. Pastor & Founder- Koinonia Baptist Church, is reported to have disclosed that there were more than 3,000 satanic worshippers in the Capital. This shocking disclosure spread like wildfire all over the state. Numerous crusades have been held in different parts of the state, and not surprisingly, the existence of satanic worshipper figured in most of the crusades.

The Morung Express held a telephonic conversation with Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo and queried about his claims for the existence of satanic worshippers in Kohima. Rev Kiewhuo maintained that the number is more than 3000 even now and added that he has delivered lots of people who were into this occult practice. He mentioned of a ‘lady’ who came to him and confessed that she was practicing the occult and how he delivered her through the power of ‘Holy Spirit’.

He also disclosed that the Koinonia Baptist Church will hold a fasting on August 10, after which, the church members will go to the place where the satanic worshippers gather and sanctify the area through the power of ‘Holy Spirit’. Rev Kiewhuo disclosed that they have identified seven locations where the satanic worshippers or ‘Black Bull’ members gather. He further disclosed that the satanic worshippers exist in all the districts of Nagaland and therefore the “Transformation Crusade” will be held in all the district headquarters.

What is the church doing?
Though many youths shrug off the issue as a prank, yet the church is not taking any chances. The Ao Baptist Church Council (ABAM) is learnt to have a crucial meeting last week to discuss the matter. Rev Ponen Longchar of Mokokchung Town Ao Baptist Church said that the church is taking the matter seriously, though there is no concrete proof about the existence of satanic worshipper in Mokokchung. He disclosed that the church will take some decisions and measures if such satanic churches do exist in society. Rev Wati Longkumer, Director of NMM (NBCC) is also quoted by a news agency as saying that its youth department has been assigned to conduct a detailed report into the whole issue.

Implications on the society

Many educated youths shrug off the topic as a non-issue. But many are concerned nonetheless, not necessarily about the evil effects of Satanism, but because of related issues like wearing of black T-Shirts, putting tattoos on the body, listening to some genre of music, and playing videogames. Rule No 1 in the ‘Black Bulls’ membership form declares, ‘Every member in this group is compulsory to wear black T-Shirt’. A person from Wokha district had recently written in a local daily clarifying that he is not a satanic worshipper. The person had claimed that rumors have been spread about him being a satanic worshipper.

What next?
Many citizens are of the opinion that this issue will linger for quite a while. There is concern among certain sections of the society; however, that it will take some time to ascertain if a person or a group is/are real worshipper(s) of the devil. However, even if satanic worshipper exists, it is hard to say how the society and the Church can address the issue. There is fear among many people that such talk about the existence of satanic worshippers may lead to witch-hunting, as is being practiced in some other states.

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