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Yitachu justifies declaration of ‘Pilgrimage village’

Parliamentary secretary Tourism, Law & Justice Yitachu is felicitated with a warrior shied and sphere at Molungkimong Village. (Morung Photo)
Molungkimong | February 11: Parliamentary Secretary Tourism, Law & Justice Yitachu, justified against the statement on declaration of “Christian Pilgrimage Village” (Molungyimsen) (appeared in the local dallies on February 7, 2012), that the church is the stakeholder and they have to declare and regulate it, saying ‘I am nobody to declare the pilgrimage village or the pilgrimage activities”.
The parliamentary secretary said this during an interaction with media persons at Molungkimong on February 9. He said if any accommodation, development activities are required to assist the travelers or those who come for pilgrimage, “as a government it is our responsibility to extend assistance to them, be it their transportation, rail lines or airheads,” adding that the church and the Christian communities need to do their job, thereby it is not a question of endorsing, what the department of tourism is doing, “But may be some wording might have gone wrong and has used such a word,” he said.
Yitachu said, the department or the government cannot bifurcate the villages (Molungyimsen/Molungkimong) as that will be a partial/injustice to the arrival of Christianity in the ‘our’ land, development will take place in all the pilgrimage surrounding village, “There is no confusion about the histories, we are aware of where and what has taken place , in due course of time, while the pilgrimage activities comes alive and live among us, then the confusion will not be there, confusion may lie but history cannot be changed that Molungkimong is the place where first convert has taken place, and we are not disputing”.
While reiterating that the history is true the parliamentary secretary has also urged not to be too harsh on what has been said, saying that certain words are spoken without any intention and believed there is always a room for correction and that confusion should not prolong as that will obstruct the developmental activities.
“Development alone will not bring any pilgrimage unless the church gets involved; Pilgrimage has its own activities to be done by the church and by the believers of the state”.
The first Baptistery pond at Molungkimong village (1972), Yitachu said there are certain usages in the history that needs a little bit of correction “like the baptism pool”, where the villagers can draw water for drinking and also can be used for baptism activity for whoever come for pilgrimage, “we can still do today, provided we accept each others”, he asserted.
‘There is no dispute against the history’
Molungkimong | February 11: Addressing during the public meeting at Molungkimong local ground on February 9, parliamentary secretary Tourism, Law & Justice Yitachu said declaration of pilgrimage village alone will not bring changes and said if the stakeholders (Churches) are not involved, pilgrimage activities will be incomplete.
Reiterating its stand that there is no dispute against the history, the parliamentary secretary also put across suggestions to the villagers after visiting the documents preserved in the village, to make the baptistery pond (a pond for baptism) as travelers and pilgrimage part takers may want to experience the same where Dr. Clark Baptized 15 converts in 1872.
He opined the ‘first Gospel gate into the head hunters’ paradise’ (now renamed as Rev. Dr. E.W Clark’s Gate), to turn into a sacred place so that pilgrim part takers can come and Worship and also suggested to extend the First Baptism Chapel hall, separating the library hall creating enough space for the believers to worship God.
Pastor Molungkimong Baptist Church, Moaliba, said after the arrival of Dr, E.W. Clark, 1872, (Christianity) in Molungkimong Village, Molungkimong Baptist church was established, however, after 4 years, ‘church administration was not strong’, yet acceptance of Christianity continued and witnessed existence of believers and likewise ABAM and NBCC has celebrated the 125 anniversary in 1997. The pastor said, through the documentary preserved in the village, there should not be any confusion in future.
The Molungkimong village council also highlighted the arrival of Christianity in the village and how Dr. Clark was brought into the village by village warriors and also acknowledged the visit of the parliamentary secretary and department officials for giving priority to the village.
Mrs Sentikumla, village council members and others led the parliamentary secretary and his entourage to the first Baptistery in Naga Soil, (the baptistery pond), the Rev. E.W Clark Gate (first gospel gate into the headhunters’ Paradise), the First Chapel (the first Lord’s Supper administered by Dr. Clark) and the Dr. Clark Monument hall.

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