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The madness of Valentine’s Day is finally here

No one can deny that after Christmas, the most commercialized day is Valentines’ Day; a day for businessmen to make the best deal with customers. However, this year most of the retailers are quite disappointed owing to low sale of gift items compared to other years because most youngsters are busy studying for their exams and have no time to go gift hunting.

Exam or not I have to buy a gift
Strolling from Circular Road to Nymao Lotha Road in Dimapur on February 13 afternoon, the gift shops stuffed with cute soft toys, mugs with love quotes inscribed, message in a bottle, key holders, pendants, roses – natural or artificial and the list goes on.
In some of the shop, some youngsters still in school uniforms (probably straight after the exam hall) were discussing amongst themselves what to get for their loved ones. While going from one shop to another, a boy holding a cute teddy bear was requesting a shopkeeper to give discount. “Amei tou student he asey, please pura ulop komti kuri bena cho.”
A cute girl still in her uniforms was disappointed for not finding her choice of gift and was telling her friend: “Aya… ki kini bo na.”

In hope to fix a broken heart…
Valentine’s Day is not just about lovers but for some it is a day to mend broken relationships. Interacting with a young man in a card shop, he said that he broke up with his girl but he has realized his mistake. He wants to say sorry to her on Valentine’s Day and make things up. “…I want to say sorry to my girl on Valentine’s Day and request her to be my Valentine forever.”
He said: “I am buying a ‘sorry card and be my valentine card’, I hope she will forgive me.”

Demand and supply applies a lot!
A gift shop owner, Lydia said that “business is bit low” compared to last year’s but not at loss.
Her customers are mainly teenagers and most of them are boys, she said with a smile.
She revealed that most of the customers prefer buying mugs.  Also, ‘message in a bottle’ is the most popular.  A tiny bottle with two small sheets of coloured papers rolled inside, where one can write sweet nothings.
With the other gifts, she had red roses too for sale. She sells them at Rs 30 per stem and Rs 40 if wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbons. She also disclosed that she gets the roses from Guwahati at Rs 18 to 19 per stem.  “…the whole sellers increase the price during valentine’s season or else other times I buy them at Rs 8 per stem.”
Also, some young girls were selling roses opposite to Christian Higher Secondary School. Skillfully wrapping the roses in cellophane and neatly tying a red ribbon around. They said they sell roses every year at this time and it has been a good business.
Just opposite to their makeshift stall, another two young women were also selling red roses and deliciously looking strawberries. One of them, named Arenla said that they get their roses from Zubza in Kohima and Bangalore and have been doing the business for the past four years with her friend Vemei. The roses are priced at Rs 40 per stem and the strawberries at Rs 300 per container.
Arenla said that at first they wanted to sell only the roses that are grown and sold from Nagaland but the quantity does not suffice the demand. She said that last year she sold 2000 roses and in the four years of business no loss has been incurred.

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