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The Transformation Crusade: Holy Spirit unleashed

Our Correspondent
Kohima | April 29
History has been witness to times when God in perilous times had raised His army to fight against the evil forces that continue to haunt humanity till this day. The transformation crusade came as an eye opener to the evils that have plagued our society over the years, with just a day remaining in the seven day spiritual warfare. The past six days saw people from all walks of life come and experience the power of the Holy Spirit, the sick being healed, the depressed finding solace and peace in the arms of God and most importantly satanic worshippers being delivered from the clutches of the Devil.

With four preachers, 50 counselors, 160 plus prayer warriors, the 600 plus volunteers from various churches and Kohima Bible College devoting themselves in spreading the love of Christ, indeed all is not lost for the spiritually hungry denizens of Kohima.

Speaking to The Morung Express, Khotuo Yaotsu, Convener of the organizing committee said, “God’s blessing to Nagaland have been manifold, we have so many wonderful and anointed men of God who are being used mightily by God, we could’ve sent invitations to preachers from abroad to come and preach in this crusade, but, we didn’t because, we believe that God has raised so many anointed preachers in our own land, this crusade is just the beginning of great things.”

He added, “We plan to organize more crusades in all the parts of the State. The Gospel cannot be suppressed. It is time for our generation to rise tall and spread the love of Christ.” He further said, “We need to understand the truth that there is a vast difference between the spiritual realm and the natural realm. Today alcohol, drug addiction, fornication are not the only causes of Godlessness and evil. He informed that “80% of the satanic worshippers who have been delivered have confessed to being drawn into it after they got engrossed with computer games like DOTA and World of War craft, the war that we fight today is way beyond what we comprehended few years back.”

Secretary of the organizing committee, Khriehuzo Lohe speaking on satanism added, “the reason behind the rise in Godlessness in our society is the fact that most of us are Christians by birth and not by choice which has created a vacuum in our understanding of true Christian values. Teenagers today are living in a world of fantasy, they have been influenced into Satanism by the internet, anime movies, computer games and a desire to gain fame.”

With more than 15,000 people attending the crusade they expressed regret in not being able to utilize the ground to its maximum capacity.
Interacting with a 20 year old girl, “Number 7 in the rank of satanic worshippers” who was delivered after 5 and half years in the occult. She revealed that the number of satanic worshippers has already crossed 5000 with the majority being girls, persuaded to attend the crusade by her parents which resulted in her deliverance.

She says, “I was a sickly child and very stubborn. I started practicing witchcraft during my eighth standard. The first year I embraced Satanism was real fun but as time passed it grew hard for me. I wanted to quit but I couldn’t. I had 7 demons in me that gave me powers to cast spells on things and people. The times I tried to quit I was tortured, I grew weak. I wanted to get out of the occult but there was no one to guide me. I lost interest in my studies I had learned more than 1000 spells, I have never met our leader.
She also disclosed that “a huge army of satanic worshippers is coming up to take over the city.” “I am glad I was delivered. I am at peace now I have been threatened by other members of the cult but I am never going back, I am now a child of Jesus, and I will devote myself for Him,” she asserted further.

She also revealed that Kohima was the main headquarter of the satanic worshippers. She is happy that the transformation crusade was held at a time when she was almost giving up hope of being freed, many more teenagers like her have been delivered from Satanism.

The last service of the seven day crusade will be held today 5:00 pm at Khuochiezie Local Ground, Kohima. For denizens of Kohima this will be an evening where the spirit of God will indeed saturate and revive the spiritually depraved.

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