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Attention: Readers may submit press releases, articles and opinions here. The submitted materials will not be published directly, but will be subject to editing, after which the said material may be published. Materials which are not news-based may be marked accordingly with the opinion of matter in concern – for instance, readers may submit expository views on relevant issues or personal experiences for ‘Readers Diary’ and marked/titled likewise. However, readers are not to submit articles for exclusive columns like ‘United Colors of Nagaland’ or ‘Monday Musings’.


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  1. All materials submitted and received, are subject to sole prerogative of the Editor/editing for editing.
  2. Receiving any material does not entail mandatory publication.
  3. No material highlighting sectarian, bigotry, inflammatory statements, personal attacks et al will be entertained.
  4. All views, remarks, statements or opinions contained in any material that has been submitted does not in anyway, form or expression reflect the views of the newspaper. All responsibility or liability for the views expressed in the submitted material shall be borne by the source, author or writer, or organization submitting the said material. The newspaper is only to facilitate publishing.
  5. On any personal view or comment, authors or source of material who desire or requests anonymity or strict confidentiality – shall be maintained.