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Naga Bloggers debate on formation of CNTC

Anato Awomi: New Tribal Alliance Formed - A new tribal alliance of three tribes - Ao, Kyong (Lotha) and Sumi- under the nomenclature ‘Central Nagaland Tribal Council’ (CNTC) has been formed and will be formally launched on December 8 in Dimapur. Leaders of the three tribes living in Dimapur area, held a series of consultative meetings before finalising the common objective. According to informed sources, the newly floated CNTC is mainly focussed in bringing the three tribes to better understanding. It may also be recalled that another grouping of youths from the Sumi, Ao, Rengma and Kyong tribes (SARK) was formed. CNTC is to be formally launched in the IMC hall Dimapur where several hundred youth and representatives from the three tribes would also be present, sources said.
Keneinguzo: Each and every Nagas desires peace and unity but the bitter fact is that no organization in Nagaland carries the majority voice of the Naga people. Even the apex Naga bodies like Naga hoho ,NSF etc does not represent half of Nagaland. How many unions, associations, orgainizations etc is needed to foster unity amongst Nagas? The point is why not try to strengthen the existing apex Naga Hohos and NSF to bring unity amongst Nagas instead of forming unions after unions.
Hosayol Sothu: Every organisation has its own propoganda, aim and objectives and I respect. Lets hope this organisation does not become a puppet of few vested individuals or parties like so many organisations we already have. My best wishes and expecting good outcome out of it for our Naga society. Would appreciate more if other tribes are also inducted in a days to come where I feel will bring more unity and stands strong despite of criticism from different corner as every individuals has his own right way of thinking and views.
Kechi Insing: What has any Organisation, comprising of two or more tribes, done any good for themselves in particular and Nagas as a whole? Many a times it has been mentioned and debated over and over again about how large our Egos are. For all who are crying out loud against the newly formed CNTC, history has it that we would still be on the same spot no matter what organisation is born. Let them form and go ahead with it, maybe they see it fit. If any good comes out of it, let the Nagas reap the fruit of it. If so they aren't for a good cause, they themselves cannot divide us. The present state of our State is in tatters and how far can it be exacerbated? They, the three tribes mentioned, comprises of many learned persons, maybe with due diligence they have come to this proposal. Wish them well, perhaps they can work out something good for the Nagas. We the others would look up to them. Tenyimia was formed since time immemorial with the idea that the tribes comprising the tenyimia union shared a common past. ENPO arose with their concrete demand and for what they thought was worth fighting for. CNTC, as stated, is for bringing the three tribes to a better understanding. Good that they have a cause for the formation, to better understand each other. Maybe once that goal is achieved perhaps other tribes would be included in the Union, for they surely would want to understand the rest of the Nagas too, Won't they?
Central Naga Tribal Council, Eastern Naga People Organisation, what next, South, North, West, Naga council? Maybe in a couple of years. But again if we ask ourselves the question "Why"? We really can't give a concrete answer, can we? It's all a clash of egos, we are all egomaniacs. Just trying to get a psychological edge over the other. The plethora of attention and hyperbole that the CNTC is generating now and the quibbling over the formation helps none, not least themselves or the Nagas in general. Let there be CNTC, let many more organisations be born. But for what joy? What is the price we pay and for what prize?
Ikato Zhimomi: To be really straight forward, the only way to unite Nagas, is to come under the roof of the central govt. I don't think we Nagas have the capability to unite by ourself. Everybody wants to be the leader and like always, its all about the money that gets sanctioned whenever this kind of association forms. We the public blame too much not thinking that it was us in the first who chose the wrong leaders during elections and hence no development came and there is no unity among our tribes. Every tribe blame the other. There is no need of any organisation if we in the grassroot level change our mindset and embrace the concept of unity. If we succeed in doing so, I'm sure we can unite in harmony and of course choose the best leader and make sure there is development and live happily ever after.
Nazgul Roth: Questions raised by the bloggers trying to discredit this alliance as a tool to further create division in our complex Naga society can be labelled as arrogate statements arising out of sheer ignorance or to serve one's own ulterior motives. The question itself doesn't arise where we should contrive to pit one organization against the other, namely, CNTC versus the ENPO, or CNTC versus the Tenyimia or as some bloggers so succinctly, stated earlier in this thread, CNTC versus the rest of Nagaland. Passing of ambiguous comments will further shove the crux of the post into tribalistic realm. Now lets discern the facts here, as all reasonable bloggers can read and view the post written so flawlessly clear in Queens own language CNTC alliance is formed/propounded to try foster better understanding between the allied tribes not necessarily to secede from the rest of Naga tribes in all Naga society frontal organizations, namely the Naga Hoho or other all Naga organizations. The parallels between CNTC and Tenyimia can be totally and clearly perceived as in that while one is a voluntarily formed organization, Tenyimia is altogether a different form of organization which takes precedence in hereditary, cultural and migratory affinity between member tribes. Thus in the very nature of its formation, there is a clear demarcation of organizational frameworks between the two, so there ain't no point in mulling or deliberating on that issue enthusiastically drawing offensive comparisons with the only parallel being both are tribal alliances/organizations. ENPO represents an altogether different body though it must be noted that there are so many similarities in the geographical nature of nomenclature in practise and in actual reason, in that ENPO stands for Eastern Nagaland with reference to their geographical positioning in Nagaland map, while CNTC lays claim to the same. But while ENPO has with their own rightful/claims demands for a separate statehood basing on their historical and socio-economic backgrounds, CNTC does in no way endorse the same ideological base. It is as stated, to foster better relationship and understanding between the members tribes.  No confusion there and no reason to divert this post into a abysmal tribalism that Naga's these days are prone to subject every issue. Lets atleast learn to be subjective and reasonably clear before jumping to misplaced conclusions.
"Let us understand: North Vietnam cannot defeat or humiliate the United States. Only Americans can do that." - Richard Nixon. Applicable to all organizations and lets not forget what happened next.
(The Naga Blog  was  created in 2008  by  Yanpvuo Kikon.
This column in The Morung  Express will be a weekly feature  every Saturday)

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