Morung Profile

Introducing The Morung Express
The Morung Express is a people-oriented alternative newspaper that was founded with the intention to elevate the standard of journalism and its ethical values in the Naga context. It emerged out of the well-recognized concept that “qualitative and investigative” journalism is the core of a free press, essential in contributing an informed public that make conscious decisions on issues that affect all spheres of life. The Morung Express was conceived on the Naga people’s historical realities and is persuaded to willfully and critically allow it to be guided by the people’s wisdom and experiences.
The Morung Express newspaper is independent of government influence, and is NOT associated or related to any vested political party or political faction or commercial media interests. The Morung Express seeks to be a catalyst in the democratization process and will sustain its editorial autonomy while encouraging and strengthening the people’s freedom of expression.
Principle Statement
The Morung Express acknowledges and respects the power of public opinion as a powerful factor safeguarding democratic space with the potential to construct vital policy formulation and decision making processes. Therefore, The Morung Express promotes a critical consciousness that can mobilize public opinion into taking social and political actions that will usher in an era of sustainable democracy, transformation and JustPeace.
Using this “new lens” The Morung Express is committed to presenting a perspective that is free, balanced, fair and insightful; and that centers on reporting the “truth” while providing fact-based analysis founded on a paradigm of “process-based reporting” that is “qualitative and investigative” in nature. Since all issues relating to people’s existence are important, The Morung Express will endeavour to create democratic and civil space in order to represent varying opinions, particularly silenced voices from the margins. By grounding itself in “process-based reporting,” The Morung Express makes every effort to communicate meaningful intentions of human endeavors; and contribute to developing an informed public by sensitively and respectfully exploring complexities.

The Morung Express asserts the imperative need for its journalists to establish investigative reportage. It will through a participatory manner maximize effective communication by dialectically relating the issues it reports with its intended audience. The Morung Express will prioritize reportage according to their news-worthiness and public concerns; not their acceptability to the convenience of politics. The Morung Express embraces a philosophical and factual approach that informs and nurtures public opinion.

Objectivity can be attained when all subjective positions, opinions and perspectives are presented through public expression in an open and equal manner. Recognizing that in every issue each view has a counter view, The Morung Express is persuaded to maintain a balanced and impartial coverage. For this reason, The Morung Express also supports public dialogue on ideas, perspective and issues that are vital for the people.
The Morung Express in order to promote common understanding and responsibility will present thought-provoking perspectives with the intention to encourage the public to engage in dialogue and appreciate issues that are often misinterpreted, ignored or brushed aside. In being a communicator of issues, The Morung Express endeavors to support empowering processes whereby people themselves develop new and relevant ideas to the issues of concern. 
The Morung Express will endeavor in communicating the undeniable need for Nagas to determine free and informed choices, create political openness, strengthen democracy, and struggle for JustPeace. This implies upholding freedom, democratic values and principles through being the beacon of justice and the people’s voice.
Guiding Ethics and Values for The MORUNG EXPRESS
  • The Morung Express believes in a common vision that unites and inspires nurturing a just and democratic society while maintaining its ethical nature through transparency and accountability in all its activities.
  • The Morung Express will be humanely-driven, historically and culturally sensitive as it engages in its activities with a human face.
  • The Morung Express will be people oriented and requires a praxis of dialogue with new ways of listening, hearing and reporting which requires its journalists to be communicators and not commentators.
  • The Morung Express seeks processes that empower individuals and communities to be respectful and compassionate while engaging with the process of human and societal transformation.
  • The Morung Express endeavors to tell the truth while serving and being responsive to the people and is conscious of its responsibility to maintain confidentiality, protect its sources and respect people’s right to privacy.
  • The Morung Express will provide accurate information which has been verified and authenticated.
  • The Morung Express will not exaggerate news to sensationalize its headlines for commercial interest. Furthermore, The Morung Express retains the right to withhold articles or letters that are not duly sanctioned by the rightful signatories; and will NOT publish any information that may have negative consequences.
  • The Morung Express while having its own standing and opinions on issues will, however, not assert or confuse them with facts on issues that are presented in news reports. The independent opinions and positions of The Morung Express will be clearly indicated as editorials, commentaries and reviews if and when published.
  • It is the moral responsibility of The Morung Express to report the facts honestly and openly.
Finally, the people – which is you – are most essential to The Morung Express. Without the people The Morung Express is rendered irrelevant. Therefore, all of us here at The Morung Express, reach out to you seeking your support, critical and constructive suggestions so that together we may sincerely contribute towards the building a dignified and harmonious society.
Aküm Longchari
On behalf of all us at
The Morung Express