My Expectation; My Nagaland

Expectation is an interesting word which means contemplate as imaginably possible. It is our vision that something we are going to get. Some of my expectation Nagaland will be describing below under various points.

It is my vision that we would be a peaceful state. By stopping factional killing, hatred, Corruption, extortion, trafficking, drug abuse, kidnaps, rape, alcoholic, Aids and Hiv our Nagaland would be stepped into a new phase of happy life. Our long cherished striving for peace, social, cultural, political and emotional integration would be achieved. One day we will surely get political sovereignty.

Nagaland is one of the fastest advancing state in the field of education and human resources development. Our literacy rate is one of the highest in Indian union. We are offering equal opportunity to every Man and woman to receive formal education. We would be producing more and more highest services degree such as IAS, IFS, IES etc. Our children problem of further study could be solved by setting up our own medical college, engineering college and providing better infrastructure studies. The universalisation of elementary education will be achieved between 6 and 14 years of age. The best amenities for operational and the best medicines for every kind of diseases in the hospital will be adequately available. Also by offering job oriented skill development, capacity building development, Vocational training, technical training etc it would develop the skills and talents of the youth so they could stand on their own feet. There would be less employment problem.

Our production in the field of agriculture yielding would increase at an alarming rate by using modern technological implements, varieties of seeds, fertilizer, insecticide, better irrigational facilities, marketing facilities, multiple crop rotation system, use of more manures and financial assistance to the farmers. There will be one government and one tax system only.

Our economy will be developed to a large extent by introducing of small, medium and large scale industries. Revival of Tuli paper mill, Dimapur sugar mill and Wazeho cement factory will be started its functioning again. Our socio- economic ties with our neighbouring countries will be strengthened. We will be self- sufficient in our economy.

Our natural resources could be preserved satisfactorily. By banning the regular practices of deforestation and planting more trees our forests will be a fully “Green Zone” and in which we could give our share in decreasing global Warming. Our rich fau and fauna like the one Amur falcons would be preserved. By creating awareness of the dangers threatening our environment serious efforts will be made to preserve our ecology and biodiversity. Crude oil extraction in Wokha would begin and our rich coal mines could be utilized in proper way.

In the field of games and sports we would be much improving. As we have talents and skills we would produce more Olympians like archer Chekrovolü Swuro, footballer Dr. T. Ao and boxer medalist Mary Kom.

Ours is a land of festivals. We possesses festive mood. By preserving and displaying our rich culture and tradition the real identity of Nagaland could be known to the whole world. More and More domestic and international tourists would be attracting to be a part in our greatest Hornbill festival. Our place would be a place of popular tourism through which job opportunity for the youth would be opened and would be a good source of income.

The quality and quantity of our own organic products, handicrafts and horticulture crops like flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and the one king chilli would  be flourished to international level. There will be no problem of transports and communication. The much needed Foot Hills Road from Dimapur through our own land to Mon will be fulfilled. Railway track and its service from Dimapur to Kohima will be functioning well. Regular to and fro air services will be available in our capital and commercial city. The proposal of four land alignment from Dimapur to Kohima would be completed. The present location of our capital city would be expanded widely and heavy traffic jam and congestion need not to be continued by some other means of road.

In the near future there will be clean, free and fair election in our state. Our usual state government running will be completely free from corruption. Our government running stability will go on and we would be getting chance to become President and Union Minister in the ministry of Indian union before getting our own freedom. The division of nomenclature Naga Hoho and ENPO, NSF and ENSF would merge into one and work together under one umbrella respectively. There will be no sense of tribalism and “We feeling” will prevail in our Naga society. Our faith of Christianity would be regained and hope to have a complete dry state under total Liquor prohibition Act. We were always receiving God blessing and still hope bless upon our Nagaland abundantly to be a bright future.

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