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ZUF sharply criticizes MPCC president

Imphal, February 7 (NNN): The militant outfit Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) today sharply criticized Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Gaikhangam for "repeatedly accusing" the former of interfering in the recent Manipur polls, which the militant group claimed it was never involved.
ZUF Joint secretary, A. Remroi in a statement said the “cunning guy” posing as MPCC president (Gaikhangam) is not loyal to the Secular Progressive Front (SPF) Government headed by O Ibobi, the AICC in Delhi and the UPA Government at the Centre as he often played hide and seek game against the Chief Minister of Manipur that everybody has seen and understood.
The outfit reiterated that any involvement in the electoral game anywhere in the Zeliangrong region and elsewhere will not bring the desired solidarity and conservation of land and resources belonging to the Zeliangrong, Inpui, Chiru, Kom and tribes in the Indian sub-continent of South East Asia it aspired, saying that the front adhered to the collective decision/resolution of non-political involvement in the electoral process,  especially during the recent elections to the 10th Manipur Assembly.
It also said it strongly “agitated with anguish” over the contemptuous attitude of Gaikhangam, who has repeatedly blamed the front for all the false charges from the very beginning with regard to its involvement in the election process. The MPCC president even secretly organized armed cadres with combat dresses and weapons in a calculated design to throw the blame on different underground organizations to gain electoral mileage, ZUF alleged.
It added, the people cannot forget his past record of events when many rival supporters were injured by gun shots or physical attack and that vehicle were destroyed or pushed down the gorges at Longpi circle in 2002 and elsewhere ballot boxes were thrown out and they were often found in a field in Nungba Constituency. In 1990, a rival election office, namely Taolingpung at Namkaolong village part-II was attacked by his armed gang that injured many from gun shots and the villagers were also tortured even as rupees one lakh fine was imposed in the village during the re-poll in Taosang polling station when his armed gang along with some outfits imposed a boycott against rival voters. Gaikhangam also used a few militant cadres in connivance with his armed gang during his election campaign in 2007 and this time, for the 2012 elections, he played a hidden game of criminalization of politics.
ZUF also alleged the MPCC president for being an anti-Naga and anti-Zeliangrong leader while saying that the leader is neither a trusted friend of the Meitei, Muslim and the Kuki and said that he strongly opposed the Zeliangrong People's Convention (ZPC) movement in the 1980s and the 1990s and played a game with the Naga nationalists with a plot to sabotage the "national movement" at one hand and for his political mileage on the other by using certain cadres.
The militant front also warned  Gaikhangam to stop making further allegations and false charges against ZUF, asserting that for a man like Gaikhangam, it is better to work for the humanity and protection of the lands of the concerned indigenous people, and it repeated its warning that the clever politician should speak the truth and support good work from now onward or face future consequences that may not be as good as today.

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