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Today in History

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Dec 13


1940 - Adolf Hitler issues preparations for Operation Martita, the German invasion of Greece.


1941- British forces launch an offensive in Libya.


1945 - France and Britain agree to quit Syria and Lebanon.


1951 - After meeting with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, President Harry S Truman vows to purge all disloyal government workers.


1968 - President Lyndon B. Johnson and Mexico's President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz meet on a bridge at El Paso, Texas, to officiate at ceremonies returning the long-disputed El Chamizal area to the Mexican side of the border.


1972 - Astronaut Gene Cernan climbs into his lunar lander on the moon and prepares to lift off. He is the last man to set foot on the moon.


1973 - Great Britain cuts the work week to three days to save energy.


1981 - Polish labor leader Lech Walesa is arrested and the government decrees martial law, restricting civil rights and suspending operation of the independent trade union Solidarity.


1985 - France sues the United States over the discovery of an AIDS serum.


2001 - Terrorists attach the Parliament of India Sansad; 15 people are killed, including the terrorists


2003 - Deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein captured; he is found hiding in near his home town of Tikrit.


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