Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
• Yes, There must also be a mechanism to weed out fake "Naga Patriots" which has been a virus causing endemic disease in the Naga. While we salute those genuine patiots who have made supreme sacrifice selflessly, how long can we tolerate the "nakali"s who enjoy their lives at the expense and burden of the society??!
• Yes, its high time we need to stand and raise our voice. How do we continue serving many masters? No human being on earth has any right to tax his fellow beings on endless reasons without sweating. If they need money, let them also work. Its insane. How do we keep on feeding and providing them to lead a luxurious life with our hard earned money, whereas here we are surviving hand to mouth. Poor voiceless public, so scared even to stand for our rights. We don’t blame this tax collectors entirely, but the people especially our leaders who runs an elected govt + self made govt, as well as Naga public leaders. Its fun to observe their one hundred and one excuses. Thank you ACAUT for standing up for us. We salute you ‘Brave Hearts.’ God bless you and give you courage and wisdom to continue your good works.
• For a better future every sensible person should support it. It too must succeed, otherwise we are fit just for the dogs only.
• The number of factions MUST be reduced. Thereby, the amount of "tax" for liberation of the Naga nation. Let conscientious Naga fighters fight for the interest of the general Nagas, not for their stomach or for purchase of a Bolero, building etc.
• ACAUT is a divine inspiration for the Nagas. The Naga house is rotting with evil things. We are progressing in completely wrong direction. Naga values are gone. Let ACAUT show the way for the lost generations. Hats Off. Keep going. We real Nagas are with you all.
• Nagas have had suffered enough. Thus, at any cost public must give solid support for this cause.
• ACAUT is most welcome in Naga society. I have two main reasons for it: 1) Naga public can grow and live up to the expectations of the world in 21st century only when we are economically strong. 2) With a vibrant Naga economy, we can live as a free people. Any social & political change depends on our economic independence. Hence, the birth of ACAUT is most welcome and go a long way, if not a permanent remedy to our present malaise! Long live ACAUT!
• Yes, Common people are suffering. High time to voice out our anguish for a change.......
• It beyond the term tax .It is simply extortion.....for tax comes back to the people through visible developments.
• Yes because it is the main root of corruption in NAGALAND.
• Yes, when people suffer and the "government remain indifference, and label everything a political, "need to be deposed of very fast as they only care for themselves and their own-welfare. shows that unabated taxation goes on because the "government is part of the problem" since they do not want any fair and just solution they tell us to stay away from  tax as its a political issue. YES YES lets us all join hands against any one who stands for illegal unfair immoral taxation which is anti human and anti naga.
• Big Yes if they are not letting it off in the half way.
• Yes.... Unless an organisation comes together to voice the concern of many bodies it looks like many bodies singularly remarking has made no difference. Its the story of the bundle of sticks after all! They may not be perfect yet, but the fact that this initiation has been started is a good sign and we must make this momentum grow and at the same time make sure that it is not hijacked by those with vested interests.
• Yes. As opined by many, ACAUT should be supported by all ngos and public lest they be left alone and targeted by the UGs in the end.
• YES..why not, I just hope that they don't stop half way..and not be threatened by various UG groups..We need this. Extortion has become a menace in Naga society that it is filled up to the brim and over flowing...
• Yes very much they fight for the people but first ACUAT must win the crowd or people.
• Yes......and everyone expects them to work with great sincerity and dedication.
• Yes i do support their Agenda but after NSCN (IM) warning them their response was quite lame..Did they got scared or it was just an organisation with lame agenda??
• Yes....but more often we see public support ACAUT only at social networking site, ACAUT cannot walk alone, civil societies, youth, students and women organization should come out to street (rally) in support of ACAUT.
• Yes, on condition that ACAUT continues to maintain Political neutrality.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• People are tired and fed up with taxation. The Naga UGs have failed to understand the sentiments of the public suffering. But I dont think the ACAUT is the right body because their agenda is driven mostly by the Dimapur Business community. Also the UG leaders will not pay any attention to ACAUT because ACAUT does not have the mandate of the people. The move against Taxation should have been led by the Naga Hoho and NBCC, but unfortunately they have been silent on this matter. ACAUT should be dissolved and Naga public organizations should take the lead and fight for the public right.
•  So far they have not proved themselves in practical aspects. Only shouting through the newspapers will not get us anywhere.
• No. of course they are doing a good job but they have taken the role of government and administration. They should be a pressure group only to the govt, and let the DAN govt initiate action on the illegal taxations. i will support them only if they become an underground military wing and use brutal force and exterminate those fake UGs, extortionist and tax collectors.
• I think the ACAUT has business intentions and somehow through their campaign, business members within the ACAUT are making big profits. They should be more transparent.
• No. The ACAUT seems to be confused. They are actually legitimizing taxation because they have clearly said in the newspapers that we must give one tax to each group. Why should we pay tax any of the groups when they are using it only for their own personal benefit. Is ACAUT going to decide which groups we should pay to and which group we should not pay to? This will only divide our society more and more.
• After ACAUT was formed, the cost of basic commodities have sky rocketed. Rather than decreasing the prices are increasing. Obviously, the businessmen in ACAUT are profiting most at the expense of innocent public. When entire public are giving their full attention and support against taxation, they are paying more to the businessmen who have increased above MRP.
• No. The taxation and illegal collection are serious problems, but they are not the same. They should be handled differently. For taxation problems, the leaders and tax collectors of the different factions need to be involved. For illegal collection the state government should take appropriate steps to curb them. Presently, ACAUT sounds like a group of angry men, and instead of settling the problem, they are only stirring more trouble. A clear cut policy from ACAUT is a must for people to wholeheartedly support them.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• ACAUT should be supported by various organizations and they should certainly come forward. But ACAUT should also approach the 'right organizations' since it took the initiative of fighting taxation recently. Asking for the help of NGO's that involve indirectly in some form of taxation themselves will be a pebble in its shoe. Neither will be having besides it NGO's that have crooked leaders or those whom are not upright on other social issues help ACAUT win its long battle over taxation. Pick your allies/lieutenants/foot soldiers wisely and after thorough background checks!
• Since the time ACAUT was formed there was praises and support from all the union, civil societies, even the Government. Indeed a bold step of formation but so far the price rate of all the commodities is going higher and higher comparatively. Not giving any result till now. If tax is curbed or reduced ACAUT must monitor or check the price otherwise the effort is like half cooked rice. Result is important for every activity otherwise its existence is meaningless.
• Majority of the illegal collections are actually being made by Unions and Associations. All the blame cannot be attributed to the Naga UGs. In this lawless banana republic like situation, it is easy to put the entire blame on the UGs, but this will be very wrong and it will only exasperate the situation. The real culprits for illegal collections are the various Unions and Associations who are exploiting the situation for their own benefit and interest. In this case the state government is also very much responsible for allowing this lawless situation to continue.
• There is a need on the part of the ACAUT to address to all the parties, not single-out and point finger to any party..!
• ACAUT should also conduct public rally for general awareness as well to garner mass support to their noble initiative.
• Might be a better one if they (ACUAT) approach the apex NGOS in every districts as their subordinate....else they'll end up targeting by our so called freedom fighter.
• I feel dat ACAUT should try to get the common public involved. Accepted that they are having a lot of discussions / meetings with leading NGOs, frontal organisations, institutions, et al but ultimately its the common man they are fighting for and unless the primary stakeholders are taken into account, into confidence, their praiseworthy endeavour may just get buried in d mire of apathy, selfish interests and numerous other factors......I for one, as a common man, wholeheartedly support this noble venture . However, I see no way I can show my support because as a mere individual, I have not been given an option to voice my opinion.........I say ACAUT call for a public rally...dont make it mandatory...don't close the town down, , don't force any one. ...make it purely voluntary....or maybe even go for a 'poster' or 'stickers on cars' will be astounded by the support you will receive. guys are doing something the whole state agrees on, is proud of.....I believe that one day or the other our land will be healed. but the sooner it is, the better it will be for all of us...
• The Concept of ACAUT is laud and clear..."unto a healthier society" but yes, who have authorized them...? let the people decide ,invite every right thinking citizen to give their unbiased opinion without fear or string attached nor under any duress.
• No doubt the initiative taken by ACAUT is laudable but they need to tone down on the way they reply to some of the press release. It sounds more like a frustrated angry young man shouting "I know everything shut up" attitude. Things need to be handle maturely plus invitation of Hohos, unions and NGOs needs to be seriously look at without ignoring any community including the Hindus, Muslims and Jains. It should be a collective effort of everyone whether Nagas or non Nagas since it ultimately affects us the public. ACAUT should also dissolve all the useless Money collecting Unions.
• ACAUT is appreciated, but it sounds like an organization. In my opinion greater involvement of general public is yet to be seen. It should not be exclusive but rather an inclusive where every citizen, NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, Voluntary org etc.. can have a say. Else, it would be like a pressure group run by few individuals.

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