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Do you believe that young people can change Naga society for the better?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    Young people can change our Naga society. But I lament to say that many of our youths and upcoming generation are falling into the menace of addiction and becoming lazy.
•    New mindset, new generation,, that would be possible only if they are in the right track away from nepotism, bribery..etc, name it.
•    If they walk with God, God will use them to change or if they walk with satan they will destroy nagas society.
•    Yes, If they can change themselves.
•    Because youth will tend to do better works as the modern education emphasises more on national development with youth as the fore runner
•    Yes, they are the arrows of our society
•    Yes we can if we stand united against the so called naga freedom fighters thru non violence boycott n not accepting their corruption then we have a chance of at least taking the first step towards mental emotional n spiritual growth which r the basic requirements to change society
•    They had seen the world and capable enough to make change.
•    We can learn from the mistakes of the elders and keep what is good from them.
•    Who else can change then? They can change for the worse or for the better, no doubt about that. So far we are seeing changes but in the odd side. Unfortunate. Nevertheless young people has the potential if God is given the chance to change them. For that matter anyone- young or old, God can use.
•    yes new breeds with a consciense
•    Because they have the potential & ability
•    Yes. If only we have a positive mindset n apply our thoughts into action
•    Old generation has failed miserably, but still want to occupy positions.  Younger people can handle the challenges of their own time, the 21st century.
•    ya sure if they have bright ideas to change our naga's society and he or she must a a faithful n God fearin one..
•    Yes, becoz young people have the energy and enthusiasm to experience new things. However, they should be properly guided and morally strong with a vision for better tomorrow.
•    Youths represent change. They are the heart of change. But history has also shown that the youth must be dynamic and must listen to the winds of change. The youth must take responsibility for their future. They cannot throw the responsibility to others. The youth cannot be reactive to the situation around them. Instead they must take the responsibility to understand the situation and then take steps how to deal with it. Naga youths have much to learn before the can be agents of change. Naga youths must not allow themselves to be used by political parties and must not react to the situation around. The Naga youths must not have a knee jerk response. Rather the Naga youth must understand the situation, they must listen to what the people are saying, they must have a vision, and above all they must be committed to change. Only then can the Naga youth be free to change.
•    Yes, Young people certainly have potential to be Change Agents. Change can be considered as a significant alteration in existing social structures, ethos, values and attitudes kindled by a radical shift in personal or/and collective consciousness. It is also a dynamic phenomenon, in that, it seeks to challenge and alter any undesirable status-quo and promises to allow man to achieve a fulfilled life, both materially and intellectually. Change, thus, demands a certain orientation towards a mentality that values moral uprightedness, intellectual independence and emotional resilience. Today's Youth are smart, intelligent, well read, irreverant and brave; all qualities required of a change agent. What the young people need is a conscious and consistent effort to streamline their energies towards a positive and productive endeavour. Given the widespread social debility, prevalent sense of hopelessness, moral decadence and intellectual emptiness the call for Change is most urgent. Long Live Youth Power!
•    Yes, i would like to add that most of the politicians and old dignitaries are mostly not even high school passed...not well educated unlike todays youths.
•    In every society the youth follow their leaders. Today Nagaland is in a worst case scenario. We need a radical change and it is only the youths that can bring such changes by not following the bad examples of our present leaders. We need some sacrifices.
•    Yes, provided they do not indulge in bad habits since they are better exposed. They should dedicate and fully commit to God in order to change our society for a better tomorrow. If so they can change a lot, God bless our young people.
•    Yes, we can change not only better naga society, but we can also change our foolish naga leader who always against naga people, against development.
•    Yes! If the young people equipped themselves with a muscles of iron and a nerves of steel they can bring some changes in our motherland.
Some of those who voted NO  had this to say:
•    Who better to change the society than the young people with refreshing new ideas, creativity, positive energy, openness and the self-belief that they can indeed change their society. Unfortunately, in Nagaland, young people have no refreshing ideas, they are stuck up with old ideas and are in their cynicism imprisoned by their own lack of self-confidence. All that they do is blame others for their misery. Either they are blaming the politicians, underground or churches for their own problems. Our youth are in bad shape.
•    Just look at the present breed of young people. Are they not too self-righteous. Should they not take some responsibilities like mature individuals.
•    Young people can definitely change society...however the crux of the problem is "Naga" society...We, the people of Nagaland, sadly are egoistic people whose only aim is to see others fail and so in the process the society fails. Its a domino effect. Instead of working for "society" it would be much better if the people of Nagaland work for "Economic Liberalization".
•    No, because these days, young people hate politics. Without knowing anything, they just hate politics. Mainly because of excess corruption, they have a wrong concept of politics, so we cannot expect a better society when there are no future leaders. We should start by educating them the grave importance of politics.
•    A big NO...We the youth have strength and even will power. No doubt about that. But I still trust older people and the blame should be on youth who refuse to listen from them. I dont think nobody can become an effective leader lest he learn how to follow other. We have so many thing to learn from them people..
•    I am very sorry, in the case of Nagaland, our youth are so blinded by money, prosperity and they look at everything through development. They don’t even question why there is no development in the first place. Development will come about only when we hold the government accountable and responsible. But in Nagaland no one dares raise their voice against the government. Our youth has no vision. Name me one young Naga who has risen up to really work for the Nagas? Today’s Naga youth are behaving no different from their paymasters.
•    Who is allowing the bangladeshi rapists through the checkgates? who is issuing them innerline permits? who is giving them bail? Mostly, Its the young brigates who are hell bend on buying the poor man's SUV-The bolero and also to recover the NPSC syndrome paid through the roof. At this juncture, i appreciate the Mokukchung as a whole for not allowing any mians to enter the district. Young bloods have become lazy and suffer from ego problem even to walk to town. Stop adopting these b…. as your sons lest your adopted son rape your own wife and daughters today, or who knows, he might even sodomise you and your son. Errrrrr!!!
• Come on people. Lets be practical and realistic. Just look at the youths of Nagaland today. They are a lazy lot and have no concern for the society or the people. They are only interested in themselves and in criticizing others.
•    No, young people are too self-centered and they don’t care about the society. Young people no longer care about social and political issues, they care only about themselves.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    All this talk of youth changing the society is meaningless unless the youth themselves initiate changes in their immediate circle. Also, youths should not shy away from politics...rather, they should enter the fray and once in some position, carry the agenda forward.
•    Young people have witnessed much of the insane world left behind by their Elders[Politicians etc] and are frustrated. They want change, and if given a chance.. some of us really want to change the whole system
•    Yes and No. It depends on the young people we take into account. Our younger generation seems really influenced by some really bad atheist cultures [the list can go on and on], and the parents are in some ways responsible for this nonsense. It's not wise to always give to the whim of their children. If this rate of influence is directed towards positive goals with the same zeal, our Young People can really change our society for better.
•    If they learn, develop and grow by obeying their parents, teachers and the Bible as sincerely as they can which means by taking a tougher and realistic stand to take the hands of Jesus our Lord and God, bear witness and parting ways with all anti-Naga and anti-Christian elements who are plaguing our society, faith and values, i.e, to theirs as well as detriment with all their God fearingless, sinfearingless lies and designs that has made lapse back to their worsened state with Faith on our focus even if it demands that we should fight because their ill intentions, designs and provocations unless rectified means violence to suppress and harm our aims.
•    Young people can change our Naga society. But I lament to say that many of our youths and upcoming generation are falling into the menace of addiction and becoming lazy.
•    Government should encourage youths if the really want to bring about changes in our society. Talk about This and That, but when our future is no secured.. nobody wanna waste time on politics or any other field. Everyone is concerned about their future, unless they are from a well to do family with big connections.. many of the youths won't come forward to carry on in this field.
•    It is neither young or old but only God if we humbly submit under his mighty hand.
•    Let Nagaland be free of unwanted elements.. If its secure the right people wit right mindset whether young or old will be able to make difference......
•    in a state like ours, where the kids are made to believe that rabbits come out of hats and babies come from heaven, young adults believe in astrology and homeopathy, where its uncool to hold on to our identity, where instead of modernising we prefer to westernise... it is difficult to see people from that group making a change for the better. agreed there are some who are to be looked up to for inspuration in this but it doesn't balance anything.
•    Let wise of the wisest among our youth of Nagaland lead us to march ahead with new vision in the new world.
•    In broader aspect I dnt think people need a degree to bring changes in the society.........
•    Young people of Nagaland are like wild horse, they have the talent but not discipline, they have the ability but not trained, they know so many thing but finds hard to differentiate the good and bad of what they know, there is no guarantee that Nagaland will change by the young people only, but certainly there will be a change in Nagaland if the young people bring a change in themselves.
•    Going by the present trend at a current pace on al spheres of influences in the day-to-day life of my contemporary young nagas from my local and global perspective is huge and challenging and I see no reason to believe that we aren’t up tot the task to make it a change for the better in the long run as and when the x generation of nagas first of all, become an agent of change in our own way by harnessing our god given potential for investing in finding out the myriad symptoms of the societal ailments viz. isms, corruption, divisiveness, dependency syndrome, economic disparity, gun culture etc gripping the contemporary naga society, whereas finding a quick fixed solution to the aforesaid maladies seem to be no less than a herculean task at the moment. But make no mistake that by observing and learning the young nagas making their mark in many a field of competitions at all levels, has left my spirit with a greater feeling by making me visualize a (sms text incomplete)

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