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Has the state government taken effective measures to check illegal immigrants in Nagaland?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    Yes, at the ground level, the cops are doing as much as they can. But it is at the policy level, that the government is unable to check illegal immigrants in Nagaland. Also the administration should be more strict in granting ILPs and also in renewing and extending it. So it’s a failure at the structural level.
•    There is some effort in places like Mokokchung to really address the issue of illegal immigrants. This needs to be appreciated.
•    Had it not been the government, Nagaland would have already become another Tripura or maybe even like Assam

Some of those who voted NO  had this to say:
•    None at all. The state government has no concern in checking the illegal immigrants. Just take a look at how the demography of Nagaland state has changed. IN places like Dimapur we face the danger of Nagas becoming a minority. Even in places like Kohima the demography is slowly changing. Its time that action is taken.
•    Ten Years from now, the Chairman of Dimapur municipal council would be a bangladeshi. Twenty years from now, the same bangladeshi would rise to become the CM of Nagaland, then a pure Islamic state.
•    Corruptions of babus/ policemen and pressure from local contractors and the indifferent attitude of general public.
•    I dont think the government cares at all. If only the government was more sincere than I think the economy and the local business would remain under the control of the Naga people. But patronizing only illegal immigrants in one form or the other has only isolated the people further.
•    See the ground reality of their presence!!!
•    The very statement by a top official, clarifying issue of ILP to migrants without any background checks to arrest labour shortage for infrastructure development shows the government in a poor light. We do not want infrastructure development at the cost of local population being reduced to a minority and the illegal migrants gaining the upper hand in our lives, dictating their whims and fancy, raping our sisters and sodomising our brothers. We do not want another Tripura taking roots in Nagaland.
•    What can we expect when 60% of our civil administrators as well as the police force are corrupt and do not enforced the lay down rules and regulation.
•    Kohimanians and dimapurians are very fond of adopting these so-called mians. These pricks cleverly foxed the simple-minded locals, showering them with dry Bangladeshi fishes and “Made in Bangladesh” Clothings, probably stolen (We love to be bribed). Once adopted, they go by the name Abdul Kevisato Ali, Mohd. Khaketo Saiuddin, Begum nino etc. They now claim that they are nagas but offer them pork meat, they just slip out like an eel, revealing their true colours. If an argument breaks out between Abdul Naga and one John Naga over some price issue, it is John naga who is at the receiving end from Abdul Naga’s Naga father, mother, brothers and sisters. Abdul Naga cleverly marries into the local population and the offspring of this by-product is far hotter than the famous Naga King Chilli, which should be nipped at the bud. This is just an analogy but a fact.
•    Because they need labors as well as households help just lk d common man
•    No, not all. What evidence is there to show of any real effort? At this rate, Nagas are going to be reduced to non-entities in our own land within a few years. Effective and immediate steps needs to be taken, starting from individual awareness, stopping patronage, adoption, crop sharing, hiring as labour etc. ILP needs to be immediately extended to the whole of Nagaland, including Dimapur. Why are Nagas saying we cannot survive without their cheap labour? Most of Europe, East Asia and China are developing fast without these people. Like Singapore, penalty should be imposed not only upon the illegal immigrants, but also to their employers. God Save Nagaland. KUKNALIM!
•    Not at all, its high time to check on those illegal immigrants and banish them from our state.
•    When there is no policy in placed where is the question of effective measure will take place. i dont think its in Agenda at the moment to any govt of Nagaland. Civil society should bring up the issues on various implication in our state for long time to come and create awareness in our peoples mindset to get rid of easy life, and its high time each one of us should think and work for our future generation to save them from slave, homeless/land less.
•    Had they done that, then this PARTICULAR QUESTION should not have been displayed here for the public opinion. Something had gone wrong thats why we were compelled to think about this one.
•    No it hasn't. During Id or any of their festivals, try doing a headcount. You'd wonder just how many of them are legal migrants.
•    Due to short-sight of forefather and negligent of Govt.
•    No, The State Government is not serious at all, to check the illegal immigrants in Nagaland. They are indirectly, more or, less, encouraging it. If they are dead serious, about kicking the butt, of the Rapist community , they would have done long time back. Illegal becomes an issue to be addressed, when immigrants, trespass the chastity and rights, of the Owners Homeland. The most frustrating implementation , done by the State Government are so simple. They always, let the illegal miscreants, scott free. I guess, the State Government, doesn't have a strong hand or, a signature pen or, even a proper writing pad, to shove away the filthy pigs from Nagaland, once and for all.
• The Rio govt has totally lost grasp of the present situation in Nagaland... Its seems as though he has a strong antipathy against the people of Nagaland and his policies and attention seems to be diverted to some other states(read Manipur)...Rio has been elected by the people of Nagaland (although i believe the NSCN(I-M) played a huge role) to take care of the problems of Nagaland... Unemployment, raise in the number of unconscionable crimes, inveterate corruption and the masses of illegal immigrants are just a small section of the problems faced by the people of Nagaland... I HUMBLE REQUEST THE GOVT OF NAGALAND TO CONCENTRATE AT HOME AND NOT GO MUDDLING INTO SOME OTHER STATE'S ISSUES...The people of Ukrul, Senapati etc do not care what happens to the people of Nagaland, they do not care about the issues endemic to Nagaland, they are fighting for their own benefit and the govt of Nagaland should stop indulging them....
•    No, never. While we knew very well that most people who run various businesses and works in construction sites are not genuine Indian Muslims but illegal immigrants from foreign lands, we cannot say anything because they posses necessary legal papers issued by authorities  (procured through illegal means). Now who is responsible in issuing entry permit to these unwanted people? Is Govt not to be entirely blamed for this problem?
•    No.........still a lot has to be done.....this illegal immigrants is slowly conquering our state, one good e.g is the situation in Dimapur
•    The state govt has done nothing to curb the illegal immigrants....They talk a lot but nothing comes into existence
Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    Why always put the blame on the Govt.? What can the Govt. do if the general public is not behind it? People are the real Power. If the general public decides to act....who can stop it? It is not the Govt. that is keeping the Miyas but the people. What can the State Govt. do? Stop employing the Miyas and renting out houses to them. That is the quickest and most effective peaceful method to deal with the menace.
•    well the govt can do so much...its the power at the top that need to be utilizes rather than just sitting down on those powers..! policy formulation is not at all there in nagaland...!
•    of course they are also human being but we as naga's since we boast of being the brightest among all can't even implement a simple policy guide lines to counter such social menance...! just see things will be more complex at the latter period.
•    It is both yes and no because such important matters like illegal immigrants cannot be confined to only the government. But also don’t expect the public to act upon it unless they are educated on the impact of illegal immigrants and how it will affect the future of the Nagas.
•    The local economy is being controlled by non-Nagas. Slowly in a matter of few years, Nagas will become a minority in our own land. The government and the people must rise up together to confront it.
•    State Government?? where?? I thought the state was run by some UG Groups/Youth Organisations. Thank God we have a State Government too in the land, with 0% political will :)
•    Its the people who can stop it..Govt can only regulate..but its alarming!..wont be surprised if Nagaland turns out to be another Tripura in the days to come.!!
•    Nagas are too lazy to do manual works. It is the so called illegal immigrants whom we hire mostly to work for us while we keep on ordering them. If we dont change our attitudes even a slightest bit, then i doubt nagaland will be soon called as illegaland! So far, i see no measures to tackle this problem!

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