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Do you think that the quality of the right to life in Nagaland is improving?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    Definitely, like the rest of the world, even Nagaland is improving and we see a lot of new trends emerging in our society. I hope that our people would spend more time and energy in carefully deciding which changes are positive and which changes are positive.
•    Yes, considering how we were 60 years ago, it is definitely a lot of improvement.
•    The quality of life in Nagaland has improved quite a lot in Nagaland. At least we don’t feel like we are cut off from the rest of the world. When we look around we can see that there are quite a lot of changes taking place in Nagaland. While there are some which may be negative, the majority is positive.
•    Yes. There is improvement. It is creating opportunities for many people to improve their lives in different ways. It may not have yet reached the entire society, but at least the procedure has begun and we all hope that a time will come when the entire society will benefit and their lives will improve.
•    But where is nagas politics , why Indian & Nagas politician are not showing their talk to the people , are they trying to steal in the dark .if the blind leads they will fall on the pit, but still hanging on the 9 points agreement of India and Naga then the quality is improving

Some of those who  voted NO  had this to say:
•    I think the quality and condition of the roads in Nagaland will tell you that nothing much has changed. We may drive fancy cars, wear branded clothes and speak with a twang, but as long as our roads are nothing more than drains and our towns seems like slums, we know that our lives have not improved.
•    No, the quality of right to life is below par mainly because of 2 reasons; the common people are ignorant and more importantly, our elected leaders & govt. officials neglects it en toto except use it for personal gain. The best option to reverse this right is to go for worthwhile education on the subject through campaign in educational institutes, community centres, churches, NGO units, health centres, mass media, etc.
•    The right to live a good quality life is not shared proportionately as our "higher ups " have long long hands. They devour all that meant 4 u n me.
•    The Trend to Right to Life has taken a dangerous turn. Life has become unsafe with loot, rape, murder, hidden child molestation & sodomy on the prowl. Guys, you are no more safe. Be on guard! We, the civilians, have no one to look to for safety, with even the long arms of our so-called guardian, always itching to have a swing on the hapless & defenseless civilians. But, remember, it was us, the hapless civilians, whose voice & toil brought you- the daring lions, safely back from mosquito- infested jungles of Chhattisgarh. Instead, we are rewarded with a thank you black eye and mother of all words. We, the hapless citizens of Dimapur, have braved the summer heat and fought the anopheles mosquitoes with Chinese rackets to take on Saina Nehwal, in spite of massive power outage; once again thanks to our dedicated  team of engineers, who were busy playing cat and mouse game, foolishly moving Heaven and earth shifting a 30-ton heavy duty transformer from one district to another, trying to keep at bay a pack of mad dogs barking at their short-circuited tails, plunging one district into darkness while lighting another. They should thank their stars that the apex body of a district woke up a little too late to realize the happenings in their backyard and only made a feeble, lazy growl to protest the shipping-off the Transformer meant for their district. Summer, to them, has become more fearful than our underground brothers and unless they ante their efficiently expect more ruthless drone attacks this coming summer. Next time they might blame the Chinese for building mega dams across the source of Brahmaputra leading to shortfall in flow for generating hydro-electricity. Will it not be technically feasible to have ready standby transformers permanently mounted on trailers so that they can be transported quickly & easily to areas of need to restore electricity supply while the damaged transformer is taken under breakdown maintenance repair? I am only an art graduate and my idea may not find favour in the technical forum. The love for our adopted illegal migrants is so overwhelming and emotional that we need another rape and murder as reminder to open our sleepy eyes, followed by the usual copy- paste condemnations in bold from our myriads of apex organizations, fighting & jostling for a space in the cover page, so theirs is the loudest in wattage. The days are not far that we would be REFUGEES in our own land just like the Bodos now languishing in relief camps in Bodoland. We need leaders like Raj Thackeray to get rid of these leeches lest they pollute our pure race. The process of insemination and germination is silently & cunningly in place as per their grant design and the offshoots are even more deadly than the Haggani network. We give them jobs as construction workers, butchers, smugglers, pimps etc., who one find day run away with our hard found house-maid. At the end of the day, it is us, who may be at fault. We are too unique to even take a 10 minute walk from PR Hill junction to town area (Kohima) and do not mind spending  & wasting 2 – 3 hours in an ever increasing & snarling traffic jam. May we be blessed!
•    No. The most negative development in Nagaland is the unplanned urbanization in our towns. We see more and more young people relocating from villages to towns and cities, and this is not healthy for our economy because our villages have been the mainstay of our sustenance. Unplanned urbanization is killing our villages and indirectly the future of Nagaland.
•    No. Many are still being oppressed by people who think they are above the law of people, life and God. Money rules the heart of the masses and sadly the lenders are not respecting the souls of the unfortunate beings, making life embarrassing. The unfair wealth hoarders are getting richer and the exploited poor are getting lower. Is Nagaland just for the money lenders and land owners? Posa laga interest nadile murai dibi. Posa nathakile bacha khan ke puribo nadibi. Do you think Nagaland is improving in the quality of right to life? Maybe for the rich but not through the eyes of the oppressed! No!
•    Certainly not for all. It is not inclusive improvement for all. It seems like Nagaland is only for a few people because only they are enjoying all the attention and resources that are coming into Nagaland.
•    No, b'coz there is still war and blood we can say that sometimes its worse than before.
•    I cannot bring myself to say that the quality of the right to life has improved in Nagaland. Whatever superficial change is taking place on the surface, the truth of the matter is that the quality of life has improved only for a very small minority of people who have unlimited access to power and money. But it is quite funny because the majority of the people who have not benefited at all from whatever progress is being made have become silent and they seem almost hypnotized by the superficial glamour that they see around them, but not in their own lives.  
• Its mother nature that all humans live life worthwhile..but its the adversaries created by fellow humans greed n love of money that hampers others right to improve the quality of living.
• The present policies of the government have been planned in such a way that only few people are benefitting from it. I wish more sense will prevail and the chief minister will be advised to reverse his government priorities. The government policies should focus on the common interest of the people and initiate work and create opportunities which will be best for the entire society.
•    No, quality of right to life in nagaland will be pathetic as long as 1. votes are sold. 2. The Church leaders are worldly 3.The so called National Workers are haughty n egoistic. 4.The Govt. officials think that they are doing the public a favour by implementing govt. policy/directives. 5.The society is obsessively  self-righteous.
•    No. before our life was at the hand of the indian army, full of fear and worries but now we are even afraid to go out, even afraid of our neighours, literally. reading in the paper how life are snuff out like cider are found everyday. it has become so statistical because it happens everyday. just like the civil war strive african countries where looking the people cross the littering dead bodies as if those are just some dead animals, i feel that is happening here in our state. just numbers now our lives.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    Do we even know our Rights? If yes, do we fight for our Rights? I know I’m a little out of context here but i feel we are ignorant of our rights (memorizing it in school was enough, I think) .Or lets just say we choose to care less. Well, The non commenting explains a lot too. So...'quality of the right' (to life)? I doubt it.
•    The ceasefire and the reconciliation process have brought many changes to Nagaland. The people have not made the maximum use of the opportunities that have come with the ceasefire, but whatever changes have come is credited to the ceasefire. The relative peace that we are all experiencing today has allowed investors to come and invest in Nagaland. Unfortunately, those who have taken the most advantage of this ceasefire are the politicians and bureaucrats, because India is showering the Nagaland state government with so much money, like never before. I wish they would do justice by using the money in an appropriate manner, which will benefit the entire society.
•    The quality of our lives will improve only when corruption is removed from Nagaland and our leaders become accountable and transparent in their dealings.
•    The answer depends on which side of the scale you are in because it has definitely improved for some and it has worsened for many. One time bus conductors, taxi drivers and small time contractors and business personalities are today crore pattis. Whereas, one time rich and well settled business men, former bureaucrats and politicians have become paupers.  
•    A very interesting question, indeed. There are some points to be debated, but In our context, its like offering a deathrow inmate the best of foods, and cheerfully giving him the freedom to choose how he wants to be killed. The irony is, we have a govt that has numerous laws that safeguards its citizens right to life, but they themselves move around with security armed to the teeth. Anyway, which govt do we talk about??. 'Life' in Nagaland is no more than a peanut, that any armed group or for that matter, anyone can snatch it away with their whims and fancies. It shows the complete breakdown and inability of the govt, the supposed guardian of its citizens. There is lot to be done, if there is to be some sense of security in our wild west scenario. Presently, pray that it doesnt lead to anarchy.
•    Perhaps the question was meant as 'quality of life'. 'Right to life' added to it would have a slightly different connotation. 'Quality of life' is a broad topic. With regard to indicators like life expectancy/health; education/literacy; and income/standard of living, there seems to be some perceptible improvement. However, questions regarding political atmosphere and inclusiveness, economic performance and unemployment, energy and environment, sustainable development, gender inequality, crime, and governance which all have a bearing on quality of life remain issues of concern.

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