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Is Naga society ready to vote young people as their representative to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    The world today is moving based on the creativity, dynamism and the ability of people to think outside the box and to take bold initiatives. No more is the world confined to old thinking. Young leaders are important because they represent the voice of the future. Any government that does not have young leaders faces the risk of becoming irrelevant. Maybe this is the reason why the governments in Nagaland have always underperformed – also because of issues of corruption and so on. This is the time for young people to initiate a peaceful revolution and take control of the Naga future.
•    Yes, We are tired enough with old dogs never learn new tricks, when it comes to technology world.
•    Our Naga society wants leaders who are selfless and have a vision to build the Naga society. When we look at the present scenario and we get to hear the names that are doing the round, most of them seem to be either children of politicians or bureaucrats. If this is the emerging trend, than it is a matter of serious concern. One question whether they will be any different. This also means that only people with money and power are entering the elections. From this emerging situation, how does this effect the NBCC clean election campaign and vice-versa. Because if only people with money are entering elections, than the trend of corruption will not change at all. In their clean election campaign, they should create the space for authentic leaders with no money power to have equal opportunity to stand for elections.
•    Yes .. In todays world of high tech and advancement, why our nagas should not be ready to induct new young MLAs in our political fold. Most of our politicians are outdated because of which seldom we see new ideas/policies. Todays world is such that we need politicians and statesman who are well learned and with the latest technical know how to surmount the unconquered fields in administrating the public by extracting maximum benefit available with their potentialities. I wish the younger lot takes over with new zeal and policies so that nagaland which is one of the most backward state in India is change to a new one.
•    Absolutely yes, to young people getting elected as representatives in the NLA, but is our society ready? Thats the tricky part. To be realistic, our society today needs to educate itself on the importance of U A Franchise, on which our destiny rests, but we tend to sell it away cheaply without realising the consequences. Naga society revere our elders, thus in every walk of life, specially in decision making, elders dominate without any check and balance. In this way, they mostly dominate electoral politics. The criteria should be the most capable person, whether young or old. Can our society take it? Hope gradually our society restructures and adapts. (right person for the right job. But presently, our society is not yet ready).
•    yes, we need to vote for them f thy really care n think for the betterment of our society.
•    Yes, Cause the elders don't spare the opportunity.
•    Yes, its time for young generation to take the lead in bringing changes in our society.

Some of those who  voted NO  had this to say:
•    Naga people do not vote leaders on the basis of vision and the policies of the candidates. Instead the practice in Nagaland is to vote for the candidate who can provide the most for you. Interestingly this is also the reason why politicians justify corruption and put the blame on the people. If we want young people to take leadership role, the voting pattern must also change. Instead of voting for the person who can provide the most for you, why not vote for the candidate who has integrity and who has a vision in which the welfare of all the people is addressed in an equal manner.
•    In theory our society wants young people to be their representatives. In practice this is a difficult choice because there are no young leaders who have exhibited potential leadership quality. By now, one would have thought that a number of young people would be leading the Nagas.
•    not in a zillion years....just look at the present stage, those who wants to enter politics are all retirees bureaucrats so if naga society really want young people as their representative. why not send their children??? so the answer  is NO.
•    The last two terms of the Rio government has been very revealing and it shows the world that Nagas do not have quality leadership. As most of the people are aware, the majority of Rio’s government comprised of businessmen, former bureaucrats and technocrats. In this sense there was no real public leader. No doubt all these representatives were elected by their constituencies, it must be said that there is presently no leader that has actually worked with the people and on people’s issues. We have people who because of their status in society have been elected, not because they have proven to be worthy leaders.
• They can be advisers but not leaders. Leadership quality is rare and comes with experience.
• It is discouraging to hear that most of the young people vying to contest in the forthcoming elections are children of politicians and bureaucrats. There is no proof they will behave in a better manner. What we need are young leaders who are committed in uplifting the welfare of the society and not doing it for their own personal gain.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    It depends on whether the candidate is totally reliable and capable, taking into account his loyal leadership abilities.
•    Age does not matter much but it all depends on the following characteristics: 1. FORWARD-LOOKING (ability to imagine and sense of direction) 2. HONEST (truthful, ethical and principled) 3.COMPETENT (relevant experience, sound judgment and ability to get things done) and 4. INSPIRING (being enthusiastic, energetic and positive about the future). If we can identify young people with these traits, we must encourage and support them for new leadership role.
•    The present concept of giving leadership chairs to the young appears to be raising enough dusts but we just cannot bank or bask in a person's educational background and leadership hunger. They won't be worth the trial... Leaders should serve with matured vision, always.
•    Honest and selfless leader is the need of hour. old people rusted with corrupt mind should be voted out.
•    He should be competent, motivated, courageous, and possess a strong vision that serves as a 'spark' to bring about a complete change in the present political scenario. He should also be honest so that he sets an example to others, whereas corrupt practices are not tolerated.
•    Allergies of Naga society: Young leaders, women, honest & outspoken leaders......need two-three more decades for natural phasing out of the present system. Hopefully, then, we can have an open society for the best....casting aside isms, age, gender, money power, clan affiliations etcs.
•    Young of what age? Moreover young or old, one should have the quality of leadership and responsibility. and if money still the force in the elections, thn nothing good will come out whether old or young. and many young people today contest because they have inherited lots of wealth from their parents or have a big family to support. in fact, they don't have any sense of responsibility. WE NAGAS MOSTLY CHOOSE THE CANDIDATES LOOKING AT THE WEALTH AND THE SIZE OF THE FAMILY (OR THE CLAN) AND NOT THE QUALITY OF A PERSON. young or old, i wish our people choose the right candidates for our state.
•    I don't know why the youths are so much afraid of money power and are apprehensive about it. If only youths can come together and check a few election agents (devils) during election and particularly on the polling day, we can defeat money power. We can not afford to wait another 10-20 years for things to change for the better. Opportunity comes once in 5 years for politics. Grab it now and stop grumbling afterwards.

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