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Are the government agencies taking adequate measures to tackle the congested traffic jams in Nagaland?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    I will say Yes, only because of those traffic cops on the busy intersections of Dimapur and Kohima. From the way they are handling the situation it seems that they have not even been given the basic training required. It looks like they are learning on the job. But I respect their dedication and commitment. I am sure they are insulted and abused all the time by impatient drivers, but they are also doing their best. In fact it is their superior officers who have failed them. The lack of proper training, the lack of facilities and the lack of proper traffic planning has made the job much more difficult for the cops. So instead of blaming the small fishes, it is better to catch the big fish who is responsible for this mess.
•    To some extend yes.... but the problem to a large extend can be narrowed down to improper town planning, encroachment of public space by private individuals, our insatiable appetite of have three four vehicles (status symbol) added to it the VIPS (people who legislate laws) entourages breaking all traffic rules( ever wondered how much these entourages and arcade of police vehicles must be costing the govt exchequer).

Some of those who  voted NO  had this to say:
•    Not at all. The officers at the planning and policy level are not doing a good job and they are just making it more difficult for those personnel on the ground. There should some continuity in policy as far as traffic is concerned. Every time we have a new SP or DC, they change the policy according to their own understanding. This is only creating more confusion. There should be continuity in the process and so a position should be created to take sole responsibility for the traffic planning and implementation. Otherwise, too many cooks will spoil the brot. The traffic cops in ground zero are just so untrained and do not have the experience or the proper guidelines to handle the growing traffic jams.
•    Government agencies are not seriously planning. Instead they are thinking about their own affairs and promotion and the like. Very rare to see true Christian government agencies.
•    Not at all. The departmental competition is going in procuring bigger, costlier and most higher number of vehicles without looking into the narrow road which is ironically encroached by the officers and wealthy people.
•    The streets of nagaland are filled by too many vehicles. It appears there r more cars than people in the streets.
•    Absolutely NO, neither they have a will to address the problem (overlooked). The only development we see in Nagaland is CORRUPTION which is rapidly increasing.
•    Ministers should first learn to avoid the siren blazzling evertym they pass the streets? All their convoy ends the public in a tight jams.They think they own the roads too.
•    The vvips are never caught in a traffic jam, they squeezed through it with their escorts shouting and threatening other drivers.  And they are also one of the reasons for traffic jams. I guess the government will do something about the jam when only the govt vvip's are caught in a traffic jam.
•    oh no.....!!! i don't think so. At every turn of occasion they tend come up with new set of change which instead of helping commuters becomes a harassment.
•    what cud the govt possibly do to avoid such traffics. Its not a matter of govt alone but it shud have been a collective effort 2 to prevent cramping of vehicles.
•    Those were the days when only a few privileged ppl owns a even a gatekeeper/peons in offices/chowkidars of chowkidars  ride a SUVs...I have seen a sweeper in a certain Govt office coming to his work in a brand new Maruti Alto, parks his car near the entrance, then goes to sweep the office,n gets in his car to drive home..Where is the finances coming? Its SBI n Govt policy of granting huge loans against the salaries. People do not realise that the Banks n govt officials r garnering against ur hard earned salary.
•    Tell the ministers n parl/secys to travel with a single escort jeep. They dont need 5 -6 vehicles to complete entourage which is absolutely un-necessary. What do they think///R they too important? No one gives a shit who is passing by with such crowds of wailing gypsies....think they have such importance they they need large party everytime they go out. In reality, nobody gives them a shit..infact every one is cursing them 4 their audacious driving.
•    The Nagaland Government is still a century away from post-modernity as it is short-sighted without real futuristic planning in every undertakings. Towns in Nagaland are not planned so it will be very difficult to construct new roads (motorways/expressways)or re-align in order to ease traffic jams or divert heavy vehicles from main town areas. I always wonder if Kohima is fit to be state a capital as there is no chance for expansion of roads to accommodate the growing capacity in all fronts. The state government need to look at different options and locate an area where a place that is fit to be a state capital in this day and age chosen, a location that can accommodate growth and development in 100 years time. Kohima can no more accommodate any development as its chocking already. The state Govt. is lacking this kind of vision as it not only infested by corruption but also influenced by politics that attempts to hold on to an unfeasible place that benefits a small section of people (open secret).
•    Jammings r getting out of the traffic hands ...all the people need 2 know that unless it is so urgent n so important a work, do they get into their cars. Otherwise whats the use of just being on the roads. R u trying to show off ur new cars or newly  modified addings on ur vehicle.
•    No, they aren't doing enough of what we anticipate from them as leaders. Of course, they've done some road widening and also constantly regulate the working of traffic, but those are negligible when compared to the prevailing situation today. We must do our part too, start the work ourselves and show good examples to others. We must also check mismanagement of funds, officials, etc with transparency and justice in truth.
•    No not at present. The towns in nagaland are so unplanned that the traffic jams will be daily affair unless the authorities concerned have a deep thought over it and take some strong steps.
•    No, they just sounded their sires and overtook other vehicles, so they never bother for traffic jams.
•    Forget about traffic rules and lets concentrate on maintenance  of roads for safety travel
•    Absolutely no. It doesnt need a rocket scientist to deduce that until and unless quality additional roads are built, and the existing roads are widened, repaired, the menace of traffic jams will be a part of our life. If we look at the present scenario, it looks like a far fetched dream. But if, by a miracle, it is to be realised, then some of our leaders would be without their source of livelihood.
•    Nagas will never learn traffic rules..most of them just know how to start the car and shift to gear n release clutches. No matter where the car is going he is bound to commit traffic crimes.
•    Tell our politicians not to roar n honk their escort gypsies whilst passing in a crowded area. What do they think of themselves? Whats so important for him that he is such a hurry. If these ministers get no tym n is on burrowed tyms, we the public have more important work than them.
Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    Authorities are drunk with power and money. A drunker can not perform but needs treatment. Public should help by participation and not merely watch, grumble and criticize.
•    Nothing can b done to prevent the jammings..its not going to improve..nagas cannot go out without cars even 2 buy a "PAAN' in the neighbourhood paan shop.
•    Our ministers should show the way by not occupying more than half of the road as they pass by in some heavy jams. It doesnt mean public r not busy? If someone like him even doesnt have tym, do they think we rnt busy? All they do is plotting  how to pulverise n rout out all money sent 4 development 4m New delhi.
•    Most of the gypsies, boleros, scorpios n latest SUVs are simply on road just 4 the sake of it.I wonder where do all these occupants go or going? U dont need a big monstrously occupying half of the already small width nagaland roads just to get a pack of cigarretes or tamul from downtown paan shops. Really these r the hopeless ppl cramping all n etal!!
•    Clearly prevalent from the existing shabby roads,ill-maintained traffic policing,lack of consistent drive to tackle the bizarre traffic situation in the state and unwillingness of the people to let go of the traditional lands for any upgradation of newer roads.
•    For dimapur there is no separate parking space in the town due to which all the vehicle has to park in the road only and so there is traffic congestion.
•    Regarding Dimapur, we need more new roads and at least one or two flyovers. but existing roads are also deteriorating and becoming narrower. so what shall we expect from this DAN Govt. in fact, the traffic police are doing so well that at least we can cross the church road in one or two hours in Dimapur. Govt. should construct one flyover from City tower junction to purana bazar so that people will not enter the town areas if they don't have any work. we can at least bear the traffic jams. but the condition of the roads are very bad that the pregnant women should stay back home for 9 months. and most of the Miscarriage are due to the bad condition of the roads in our state. everyone can not afford vehicles, so they have to travel by auto or taxi which are all in bad condition too. therefore, every officers in the road department should understand that for losing unborn children due to miscarriages are due to your negligence and corruption. and for this, am sure God will judge you people for every unborn child in our state. never neglect your duties because thousands of lives are in your hands and your works. playing with lives is playing with God. so stop playing, Road departments.
•    In dimapur if u see properly u will notice 60 to 70 percent of the jammings is bcos of all the useless ppl with their paps vehicle going out to just be in the crowd. They wont have anything worthwhile to do going out n disturbing the really busy n short on time fellows. To top it, they appear to be so much in hurry they pass u n overtakes u every lil chance they get.
•    The government should atleast build parking plazas in various locations so that free space in the road can be availed avoiding traffic congestion. Road widening in as far as possible areas of the town since most of the roads are too narrow to take home for day today traffic. School that are in the close vicinity of the town should regulated to use compulsory school bus instead of private vehicles so that traffic subsides during dropping and lifting from school.
•    I think as we have seen enough of strategies from the Traffic concerned, now they should focus more on the narrow neglected/never repaired roads in the town which will bring down the traffic congestion a bit. And not to forget constructing fly-overs soon to divert the heavy vehicles and others going out of the city which jams the bottle neck junctions of Dimapur.
•    This traffic problem requires participation of everyone for its arrest, and so, we must first create a congenial atmosphere with people, sit, discuss & weigh the pros and cons of different mooted ideas and then implement those decisions gradually. Some eg., we can decide to phase out old and slow modes of vehicles, while also buying lesser cars for personal use. We can instead go for more of public transportation, like buses. At the same time, we ought to agree on road widening where almost all of us are reluctant to pave way for the cause of development, and of course, act our part by doing with our hands, what we should do to ease traffic congestion.
•    People in dimapur do not go to govt. offices unlike kohima where it is the capital of all departments. we can understand the jams, but in dimapur where r these fellows going?? No offices, instituitions, etc etc to attend to but all r driving huge vehicles just to let others know he is so busy n so much in hurry n always seemingly n apparently so like big shots going to his work..whereas in real these fellows r going to Marwari patti in Dimapur to get a beer n paan.

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