2nd Dorians Society Spell Bee Competition 2023 on Oct 28

Dimapur, September 29 (MExN): The Dorians Society, Dimapur has announced the second Dorians Society Spell Bee Competition, scheduled for October 28. “Following the success of the first competition held in June 2022, we are extending an invitation to both government and private schools in Dimapur, Chümoukedima, and Niuland districts to participate,” the Organising Committee, 2nd Dorians Society Spell Bee Competition, 2023 stated in a press release.

Each school is invited to nominate/select two students from Classes 7, 8, and 9 to represent their institution. We request the schools to appoint a teacher-coordinator to accompany the students to the competition, it stated. 

To facilitate participation, there is a registration fee of Rs 200 per student. However, government school students will be exempt from this fee. The deadline for participant name submissions will be October 20.

The competition will be held at the Kingdom Culture Church, located in the Vikiye Complex on Tajen Ao Road (formerly Circular Road), opposite the Notun Basti entrance gate. Participants are requested to maintain punctuality and arrive at the venue by 9:00 am for completing formalities and also to avoid delayed start of the competition.  

The competition will be overseen by a panel of three judges and two pronouncers/moderators selected by the organizing committee. Each competitor will have a 2-minute limit to spell a word from the dictionary, with the option to request the word’s meaning, part of speech, etymology and an example of its usage.

The top-three finishers will receive cash prizes along with citations.

The primary objective of this competition is to promote healthy competition among students and provide them with a platform to go on to compete in bigger stages, the committee added. 

Schools interested in participating in the competition can contact for inquiries at the following phone numbers: 9436079538, 8974037334.

Founded in 1997, Dorians Society is committed to fostering positive change within the community. While initially concentrating on sports, the society has diversified its activities to encompass various social initiatives, including the Spell Bee Competition.