96th Academy Awards: '20 Days in Mariupol' wins; 'first Oscar in Ukrainian history'

96th Academy Awards: '20 Days in Mariupol' wins; 'first Oscar in Ukrainian history'

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Los Angeles, March 11 (IANS) The documentary film 'To Kill a Tiger', directed by Indian-born Canadian filmmaker Nisha Pahuja lost the Oscar to the Ukranian documentary feature '20 Days in Mariupol' at the 2024 Academy Awards.

Actress America Ferrera, who was dressed in the pinkest ensemble, presented the honour for the categories Documentary Feature Film and Documentary Short Film.

'20 Days in Mariupol', which tells the story of the twenty days Chernov spent with his colleagues in besieged Mariupol after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, was nominated alongside "Bobi Wine: The People's President", "The Eternal Memory", "Four Daughters" and "To Kill a Tiger".

Upon accepting the honour, Chernov first thanked his team for making this documentary and then said: "This is the first Oscar in Ukranian history and I am honoured."

"(But) probably I wish I never made this film, I wish to be able to exchange this to Russia never attacking, occupying cities. To Russia not killing 10 of 1,000s of people."

He then said: "I cannot change the past… The truth will prevail.... Cinema forms memories and memories form history."

For the Documentary Short Film, "The Last Repair Shop" won the award. Kris Bowers, who has co-directed with Ben Proudfoot, said: "The film is about heroes in our school, who go unsung, un-thanked and unseen."

Talking about the documentary film 'To Kill a Tiger', follows the story of a family in Jharkhand, India, who are campaigning for justice after their teenage daughter was brutally raped.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2022. It had its American premiere at the Lighthouse International Film Festival in June 2023.