9th Summer-Jam 2011 audition held

(From left to right) Winners of the 9th Summer-Jam 2011- Dark Resisters, The Cross and Black Soul Anthem. Audition was held today at the Aries db Lounge, NST Colony, Dimapur. (Morung Photos)
Audition for the 9th Summer-Jam 2011 was held here today at the Aries db Lounge, NST Colony, Dimapur. Promoting local talents, the Jam is organized by Aries Music & Sports Foundation and supported by Music Task Force, Nagaland.
Belting out music of different genres, 12 bands and two solo artistes competed in the audition. The competitors were: Garden of Eden (Kohima), A Secret Tragety (Kohima), My Days of Heartbreak (Dimapur), 69th Avenue (Kohima), The Cross (Dimapur), Dark Resisters (Tuli), Fallen Glories (Kohima), Intrigue (Dimapur),  Slap Dash (Dimapur), Pencils and Crayons (Kohima), Black Soul Anthem (Dimapur), Nathaniel (Mokokchung), and solo artistes Gothang (Dimapur) and Hoting Sangtam (Dimapur).
From the competing bands and artistes, Dark Resisters from Tuli came first, while The Cross from Dimapur as second and Black Soul Anthem from Dimapur as third, respectively. The audition will be followed by the audio and video recording. The selection for the 9th Summer-Jam 2011 focused mainly on the composition of the song, performances of the band/artiste, personality and interaction/interviews. Moa (Guitarist) and Lanu (Bassist) from Dementia were the judges, along with Merang Jamir, Director of Aries Music & Sports Foundation
The Aries Music & Sports Foundation started Summer-Jam as an annual event in the year 2003 with the concept of promoting upcoming musicians of Nagaland to work on originals. All recordings are done free of cost. In the Summer-Jam the bands/artistes are first auditioned and the selected bands or the artistes are then given the chance to record their originals.
Hosting the Summer-Jam for eight years continuously,  Merang Jamir, Director reminisced that initially when Summer-Jam begun, there were senior bands on the music scene, but nowadays there are younger kids, but the level of music has upped and most bands even have their own instruments.  He said that Sumer-Jam is definitely a good platform for musicians, as they get to record their original music.  He also revealed that once studio recording get on, most of the artistes get polished. He opined that one field, where Naga musicians are lacking in is Music theory. “Music should be taken seriously, it should not just be part time,” he said.
Moa, from Dementia said that as a judge he was looking for potential and not perfection. Asked on whether he was looking for any particular ‘sound’, he opined that even though he himself has been part of Dementia for a long time now,  it is very hard to find one’s ‘sound’ and that it is a gradual process. “The participants here today, are at the beginning stage, so what we are looking for now is originality, good lyrics and performance skills” he said.