A Ray of Hope

The formal declaration by the Joint Forum of Nagaland GB Federation and Nagaland DB Association wherein they announced a 6 month long ceasefire between the Naga national armed groups has brought in a new ray of hope. For quite sometime now, the Naga public opinion has centered on the dire need for the Nagas in general and the Naga national groups in particular to stop hurting each other and to help create a safe space whereby different opinions and viewpoints can be expressed and exchanged without any fear or threat. The process of dialogue has been recognized as an essential means to addressing differences and building a new shared meaning of existence.    

Even while appreciating the different Naga national groups for responding and affirming the initiative of the Joint Forum by demonstrating in concrete terms their expressed desire to shun all acts of violence and to build understanding among themselves, all concerned people must come together to strengthen and consolidate this noble initiative. Considering the complexity of the issue and the magnitude of the hurts caused, it becomes quite essential for broader public support in contributing towards the process by creating an enabling situation that will encourage the groups to peacefully dialogue with each other on issues of common and shared interest.  

Indeed, this ray of hope has given the Nagas an opportunity once again to rise above the aspects that separate people and to identity and build on those issues that unites and binds the Naga people together. While the 5-point resolution is essentially only the first step of a longer and meaningful process, it provides the Naga people to pause and to think, reflect and discern how profoundly we have been hurting each other, and to now find dialogue and envision together a new direction which will lead the Nagas forward in realizing their long cherished political aspirations. The most important question that we need to ask ourselves at this moment is, are Nagas serious about change?