Kevizase Kehie
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, SJC (A) Jakhama, Kohima: Nagaland

If someone ask the question, “What is Life?” It is either the most profound question of human existence or else the most nonsensical request like, “what does the color black taste like?” or asking a non-philosopher, “What do philosophers discuss?”

Human desire for meaning finds vivid expression in the stories we tell, diaries we keep and in our deepest hopes and fears. In this 21st century, our greatest need and most difficult achievement is to find meanings in our life. However, humans life become meaningful only when someone struggles to make an important decision about what to do with one’s life, when trap in a job we hate, when wondering if there is more to live than the daily hum-drum, when diagnosed with a terminal illness, when experiencing the loss of a loved one, when feeling small while looking up at the night sky, when questioning whether life and love will have an everlasting place in the universe or whether the whole show will end in utter darkness.

Human possess self-awareness who can take an observational, self-reflective viewpoint of one’s life. We are able to shift from mere automatic engagement to observation and evaluation as we step back and question who we are and what we do.

Life has the capacity to grow, change and develop, such as knowledge, skill and resilience which includes socialization, risk-taking, competition and physical activity. However, the fact that we can’t control everything doesn’t mean we can’t dream and set goals for ourselves. Deciding on smart and enjoyable life goals can help us to enjoy and embrace the ride, while still creating a life that we are proud of – a life that excites us.

Setting specific goals makes us learn more and meaningful that boost our motivation. Life goals can be big or small, but they essentially act as the framework to help us work on things that actually matter to us because they give us the great sense of happiness, motivation and improve our mental health that helps us to create a log-term vision for our life.

Life is an uncertain roller-coaster. One can choose to embrace it and enjoy the ride learning from experiences or one can choose to rebel against all life challenges. The latter rob us from growth or development while the former gives opportunity to learn and become better. No matter where we find ourselves, there is always room for improvement. Challenges in life are given so that they can be used at our advantage.

Mostly there are common challenges in life that we must overcome on our road to become a better person. Whether we lost a job or an opportunity, it is an inevitable part of life regardless of how it happened. However, loss allows a person to reflect on the true importance of moving forward. Loss forces us to ask ourselves, “What about what I lost was valuable?” and “What am I willing to do to get what I want?”

There is not a single person alive who hasn’t experience failure. “To grow we must fail”. It offers a natural checkpoint that allows us to evaluate our recent behavioral choices so that one can make improvements. When we fail, we get the chance to review our decisions and behaviors. The journey of becoming a better person requires a mental toughness maintaining integrity of one’s action and sense of emotional awareness.

Distinguishing oneself from right and wrong is an ever present life challenge. But changing one’s mindset is our right and deciding on where one stand is one’s responsibility which go hand in hand. Our mind can be a formidable obstacle to becoming a better person which can pipe up with all kinds

of negative things which one does not go well that can give the power to derail someone with doubt and fear. So, mastering one’s mind is one of the greatest life challenge for all.

If someone say, “I grew up poor and I am always going to be poor”, that is example of one’s story taking control of the life. Comparatively, if someone say, “I grew up poor, but I am working hard now. I am doing whatever I can to make sure I have all the things I need and I am comfortable”. Even if it is hard, that is still the encouragement of overcoming one’s story.

When we set our life in favor of embracing the present, we encourage others to do the same. Overcoming one’s challenges empowers us to embrace the moment as opportunities to write a new story. On the road to becoming a better person focusing on what we can’t control is critical. Anyhow, life is waiting for you and I on the other side.