ANSAM condemns ‘cheap propaganda’

Newmai News Network
Senapati | March 15
The All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM) said today that it was appalled to come across a “cheap propaganda” under the caption ‘Naga politics in Manipur decoded’ by one fictitious name Abraham Naga Manipur, which is going viral on social media. “It is nothing but a clear sign of self-destruction which is so abominable,” ANSAM stated in a press release. 

According to ANSAM, the Naga people, in a quest to attain its self-determination, have been long suffering and are facing the consequences of arbitrary divisions of their land and people imposed by adversaries. “All these while, such unholy divisive forces work ceaselessly to confuse our people and further divide the Naga society to sabotage the movement”, it stated. In due course of time, “our adversaries find the most fertile ground in the gullibility of some disgruntled Nagas like Abraham Naga to serve their selfish agenda”.
Stating, it is of paramount importance to understand that it will be too costly for the Nagas to trade “our sacred cause for self-aggrandizement forgetting all the past leaders and martyrs on whose sacrifices, our land and identity have been safeguarded for posterity”. It added, “We must do away with all this gambling and remain steadfast to our common aspirations and stand together as one Naga people”.

The ANSAM added that no individual represents the whole Nagas and no individual would be allowed to usurp and destroy the legacy of Naga unity and nationhood. Indeed, the ANSAM said it encourages constructive criticism among the “Naga brethren irrespective of organizations and to respect each other’s opinion in regard to matters of common importance yet it should be channelized in a proper manner without maligning any individual or organization”.

“As a matter of fact, the writer’s identity and his intention is highly questionable,’ it stated adding, “shameless act on the part of the writer targeting Naga leader Longvibu of the Naga Army, with fabricated and malicious lines show that the writer is a novice and gullible being used by others”. The ANSAM alleged it could also be a sinister campaign by external agencies in the guise of Naga individuals to sabotage the Indo- Naga political talk. It discouraged all such “disruptions” and any element seeking to further divide the Naga people at this crucial juncture.

ANSAM appealed to every responsible individual not to indulge in such “disruptions and dangerous acts of self-destruction at this critical juncture where the entire Naga people are striving towards unity to pave a way for peaceful settlement to the protracted Indo- Naga political issues”. “We the Nagas stand united and remain vigil ourselves so that such unfounded propaganda and diabolical schemes of the adversaries do not find a place in our society in future,” ANSAM added.