Backstage with Imcha Imchen and troupe

Imcha Imchen, Wapangla Imchen and Asen Aier during the Ethnic Costume Show rehearsals at NEZCC ground Dimapur.
With flickering lights, red carpet ready to be unfurled and the stage almost set, The Morung Express caught up with renowned Naga designer, Imcha Imchen, at the NEZCC grounds, Dimapur. Preparing for a show for the Spring Festival, Imcha is not going to be showcasing his collection but rather choreographing the Ethnic costume show, as part of the Spring Festival.
Imcha informs that three couples will represent the eight states of North East India- Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim & Tripura. The Ethnic Costume Show is one of the many cultural shows at this festival – which will highlight the traditional costume of each state.
Speaking not only because he is choreographing this particular ethnic costume show, but as an ardent lover of Naga textiles and designs, Imcha says that we often end up ignoring costume shows and giving more importance to fashion shows promoting western wear for instance. “Let the clothes do the talking,” Imcha says, mooting that in this show, he wants the focus to be more on the traditional costumes, and not the model or the walk, and he has absolute no qualms about it.
Upcoming Make-up Artist, Asen Aier, will add the finishing touches to the look. Asen is a professional Make-up artist, currently based in Delhi. Asen reveals that she has studied & trained in Lambency Chrysalis Academy, Noida. For many years, she had worked as a communications coach at a reputed IMC in Bangalore, but finally decided to pursue her artistic talents instead. She shares that she was able to take up the course, due to the sponsorship initiated by the government of Nagaland, and says that the platform given to the Naga youth by the government to “be individuals” is very much appreciated. Currently, she works as a free lance Bridal make-up artist.
Also, assisting Imcha, is Wapangla Imchen. Currently a Management Faculty at a youth institute. She says that choreographing is a hobby. She has also choreographed cultural & fashion shows in Bangalore previously.  
The Ethnic Costume Show, will be held on March 18, 2011 at NEZCC grounds Dimapur at 5:00 pm.