Banana fibre extraction and handicraft development training in Meriyan village

Section of the participants during the training on banana fibre extraction and handicraft development in Meriyan village.

Morung Express News 
Wokha | February 28
The Shishoi Oshom-Entrepreneurship Task Force (ETF) Cell, in collaboration with the Nagaland Tool-Room & Training Centre (NTTC), Dimapur, has launched an intensive training initiative centered on banana fibre extraction and handicraft development in Meriyan village under Wokha district. 

The hands-on training programme endeavors to empower participants with fundamental skills and methodologies concerning banana fibre extraction and the crafting of handicrafts utilizing this adaptable natural material. By incorporating both theoretical lectures and hands-on demonstrations, participants will gain comprehensive insights into fibre extraction, yarn spinning, and a myriad of handicraft fabrication techniques.

The farmer participants were from Tchutho Cooperative Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) and Lichon Farmers Producer Company (FPC) from Meriyan village.

The collaboration between Shishoi Oshom-ETF Cell and NTTC Dimapur highlights a collective vision aimed at fostering entrepreneurship, skill development, and innovation within the agricultural sector. Through the utilization of banana fibre, participants are positioned to develop value-added products that not only stimulate local economic growth but also promote environmental sustainability.

As the training unfolds, participants are anticipated to gain invaluable insights and practical expertise, enabling them to fully leverage the potential of banana fibre for socio-economic advancement.