Be a builder of a New World

Shalom 2014. Each and every one of us can play a part in God’s plan to remake our world into a new one. “The wealth of 200 richest people exceeds the combined annual income of the world’s 2.5 billion poorest people” Rositsa Zaimova SHIP2B. The planet is ruled by economics, aimed at making profits with no end, often without ethics and moral values. This has generated fierce competition at all levels, which advocates unlimited consumerism and materialism as the driving self centered motive among many. The resultant vicious cycle created two vastly different worlds on one single planet. Consequently, the planet that we share absorbed a huge quantity of waste and suffered destruction that caused climatic change and disastrous environmental pollution.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi). We need to learn that other people too matter and elevate each other. In such a case there can be no full stop to what we can achieve in our goal of a better world, provided we do not mind who gets the credit. You are what you think you are. Let go of the past hate and failures. First change your thinking, you owe your behaviour and life to others but more importantly you owe it to yourself. The key to remake our world is to be true to self and God.

God created man in His own image with great expectations for the extension of His kingdom on earth. We only need to be committed to His purpose, absolute love, honesty, purity and unselfishness. Let’s check ourselves with the attitude and character of the three bricklayers. It was told in their story that on being asked what they were doing, the first replied, “Laying bricks”, the second “Making 9.30 USD an hour” and the third “I’m building the world’s largest cathedral”. The first two bricklayers lacked vision and purpose, so they will ever remain as simply bricklayers or possibly worse. There was nothing in their hearts to propel them forward to greater success. It also speaks about how they were not interested in their given assignment, except earning money for their bare subsistence. They are alive physically but dead spiritually.

To be a builder of a new world we must be committed and interested in whatever profession - big or small- we are in with utmost integrity as doing for the Lord. In their story doubtlessly, you can wager every single rupee you have for the third bricklayer who visualized himself as builder of the largest cathedral. Surely he would not remain just as a bricklayer, for he has his commitment, vision and enthusiasm in his given work. Perhaps with that quality of life, attitude, and approach, he could become a foreman, leader or even possibly take the whole responsibility of the cathedral after its completion. His right attitude and forward thinking towards his assignment tell a lot about himself and his latent potential for greater success, responsibility and accountability. From there he would move farther forward. He indeed is a builder of a new world rather than just building the world’s largest cathedral, likewise we all can contribute in remaking our world. The way you react, respond or behave towards whatever you come across – good or bad, big or small, says a lot of things about you, to everyone with whom you may come in contact. As far as success in life or remaking the world is concerned, people are not measured in inches, pounds, university degrees, financial status, or family background. They are measured by the size and quality of their thinking that makes all the difference. The lack of vision, purpose and enthusiasm into our given mission reduces our own standing as illustrated in the story.

Create a culture which replaces greed with generosity and equality, or savage conquest, control, expansion, exclusion with justice, compassion, integrity, faith in one another and God. Replace selfishness with social welfare enterprise and philanthropy thus forgiveness and generosity become the order of the day and no one starves because of another’s greed or suffers because of another’s lust or feels dejected because of another’s hatred or fear. Search for solutions, focusing on what is right rather than who is right.

Nature provides everyone’s need but not greed. Get out of your comfort zone, be alert and guard your mind, live without excuses, unpack your dreams, expand your horizon, get a new vision, stretch the boundary of your faith and let faith blossom always, let there be consistency in focusing on your goals, expect great things to happen! If you can visualize the possibility of what your future can hold, as the third bricklayer did in “God’s plan” it can become an inspiring reality in your life; so begin to look within your reach and beyond, recognize what you have, be a new creature and live to be God’s favoured person, develop a healthy self- image by the meaning of your superior creation. Be as bold as a lion, do your part right to be a “Can Do” person from glory to glory as being one of God’s people. Overcome all kinds of temptation, corruption, violence and hatred which always propel us to do wrong things. Live wisely, be an inspiration to others and give all the best choosing to be a builder of a new world.