Benefits of getting up early

Melekho Chuzho

It is argued that early risers generally do better in life. Many achievers testify about their early morning routine and its advantages.

Back in the day, our grandparents’ generation was free from distractions such as electrical lightings, technology, smart phones or any other trappings of modern life. They lived as natural as it could be. They lived so productively throughout the day. Just a few hours after sunset would be the time to take rest and a few minutes before sunrise would be the time to rise up. They had enough sufficient sleep for as long as it was dark meant it was a time to rest. They lived so productively throughout the day. Their sufficient amount of rest and their early rising habit must be the reason why they were generally healthier, fitter and finer and had longer life span.

 In our current way of living, there are differing preferences, some choose to wake up early and work throughout the day, while some choose to get up later in the day and work overnight.

However, waking up early can do wonders to one’s day. Let us take a look at some amazing benefits that one can relish in practical life by waking up early in the morning.

If you get up early, you are getting to enjoy the most beautiful feat of nature – the rising sun, you are rising with the sunplus you are getting to experience the soothing morning breeze, clean and fresh air, you also have the advantage of the calm, peace and quiet of the morning free from sounds of the hustle and bustle of the busy day.

If you get up early, you have extra time to organize your bedroom, to meditate, to read. You have extra time to take care of your personal hygiene and start your day feeling fresh.

If you get up early, you have time to exercise, to workout, to go for a walk and the endorphins would leave you feeling energized and you are ready to seize the day!

If you get up early, you are more likely to have a healthy breakfast, packa nice tiffin for yourself or your family while, skipping the most essential meal of the day means you are most likely to grab some junks or unhealthy fast foods.

Getting up early gives you more time to think, to plan and set goals for your day. You can be reminded of important tasks and responsibilities ahead, you can complete your incomplete assignments, and you can organize your things, your materials and other essentials required for your day. 

If you get up early, by the time you reach  your school or college, your office,your workplace, you’ve  already had plenty of time to acclimate yourself to the works of the day, so you are stress free, well adjusted with your environment and you have lesser chances of procrastinating and you are  ultimately getting more work done.

If you get up early, you are probably making the most out of your day. And you still got time to make yourself or your family a good dinner.

If you get up early you are also typically sticking to the ‘early to bed’ mood cause you’ve had a productive day and you must want to rest for the day, so you are obviously having a good sleep schedule, good quality of rest and rejuvenation.

When the sleep stages and cycles required by our body are fulfilled it improves our physical health, as it is a time when our body tissues repair and cell regeneration takes place. Getting enough sleep and waking up early improves our heart health and immunity. Early rising is believed to improve our mental and emotional health, by reducing risk of depression and anxiety, and make one more optimistic and happier compared to late risers.  

Any early riser would know, “it has been a long morning”, thing, and if asked to make a list of all that they are able to accomplish getting up early in the morning, it would go on and on.

The writer is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics SJC (A)