BJP blames govt. on ENPO demand

Dimapur, January 5 (MExN): The BJP Nagaland today said it is upset on the Nagaland Government’s failure in delivering justice to all, in developmental affairs and leading the state into another ‘chaotic stage.’ On the issue of the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) demanding separate state, the party stated that it is not just simple reason and the (DAN) government cannot ignore ENPO resentment but need to study thoroughly before it is too late. A press note issued by BJP general secretary (Admin), Yambos Murry was received here today.

Says district legislators also responsible
The note also stated that the legislatures from the four districts are by virtue of ENPO, and they also represent the government holding portfolios and some are MLAs and they must heed the genuine demands for the development of their areas. 

“In many occasion, the Local Area Development Funds and works were not awarded to the desirable contractors. This government has also denied those four districts in developmental works including the job reservations for backward tribes,” said the party and also said that the Government must be serious about the voice that comes from the core of the people’s heart. “The DAN Government never heeds and stood balance distributions of developmental funds among the tribes is another reason. The Legislatures representing those four districts including present and the past Ministers are solely responsible for such ridged demand for separate state,” stated the note further. 

The note mentioned that Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio was honored and adjudged by Goodwill fact finding mission led by Grace Lyu Collins based in Washington DC, during her visit to Nagaland on May 16 to 27, 2005. “It maybe remembered that on being sworn as Chief Minister, what Rio first did was granting of 60 lakh rupees to social organization (NGOs) each financial year,” stated the note. The note said that the ruling ministers are enjoying undue advantage, and that there is no cohesiveness among the ministers. 

The note further stated that the chief minister is surrounded by his own corrupt ministers; he has no role of control to his colleague ministers and the legislatures and cited that in government sponsored programme or chief minister organized programme, only a few legislatures including the ministers attend, the reason behind is poor commanding and poor governance. “The council of ministers has no respect on its leadership and loss of confidence has been seen within and outside the government. When CM has no control, its team have shifted their mindset and developed suppressed healthy governance,” stated the note. 

Further stating that it is the duty of CM to control his legislatures and to enquire on government activities, but that ‘he’ freely depend entire affairs to his loyal ministers, which has brought such obstacle on ‘him’ today. The note stated that lack of effective checking and proper monitoring of rampant corruptions and enquiries at every level has promoted ministers in misuse of public funds that meant for the areas, and added “when the government fails to maintain ground level contact with people and to fulfill wishes, the government sector gets weakened and non-government sector become very powerful.” 

BJP Nagaland also questioned who will be the next Chief Minister of Nagaland after Neiphiu Rio, adding that there are only a few days left to reign, and the people are ready to reply in the next assembly election.