Blindfolded Fergie on a journey to find herself... with a witch doctor

(L) Finding a path for life: Blindfolded Sarah in a U.S. garden on her recent voyage of self-discovery. (R) Offloading her issues: The Duchess of York was filmed working with a witch doctor.
Wandering around blindfolded and lugging a sack of rocks up a mountain, the Duchess of York takes the latest steps in her voyage of self-discovery. The reality show Finding Sarah, being broadcast on Oprah Winfrey’s TV network in America, accompanied the duchess as she attempted to ‘find a path for life’ and ‘offload her issues’ with a witch doctor in Arizona.
Referring to her thwarted plan to sell access to her ex-husband for £500,000, she told TV psychologist Dr Phil McGraw: ‘I can’t get over the stupidity of me. The first person who said it was my father-in-law [Prince Philip].  ‘He said, “For such a smart woman, why does she behave in such an idiotic way?”’
Sarah also admitted her self-loathing, telling Dr Phil: ‘I’ve humiliated myself so often, so publicly, I can’t forgive myself.’  She said she sees parallels with herself and Catherine Middleton,  the new Duchess of Cambridge, saying: ‘I had what she’s got but I just blew it.’ She is reportedly being paid £200,000 to bare her soul on the show, due to be broadcast in Britain later this year.  
In an earlier interview for the show Fergie insisted she had managed to pay off the staggering £2million she owes creditors after a string of failed business deals but said her money worries were far from over.
‘I’m not just emotionally bankrupt, I’m continually on the verge of financial bankruptcy,’ she confessed during the first of a six-part seriesDuring the introduction the Duchess admits she has ‘little’ understanding of money because of her gilded life after marrying the Prince. She said: ‘I went to Buckingham Palace and lived on the second floor and suddenly you have to remember to tell someone if you’re leaving, then you have to order your food in time because the kitchen is two miles away, you have to not open your curtains, you have to have so many restrictions. I got to a point where I didn’t know what to do. When we got divorced I just had to get on with it but ... I didn’t understand things about money, probably because I never had to.’
The Duchess said she had been living in a rented mansion in Surrey when her finances began to implode. ‘I don’t really understand finances at all so I was living for my staff and keeping going to do lots of speeches, trying to keep the head above the water,’ she said.
Asked whether she still keeps in touch with members of the Royal Family, Sarah made clear that she does not.During the programme TV psychiatrist Phil McGraw also interviews the Duchess and brands her ‘emotionally bankrupt’ in the middle of a teary on-camera therapy session after she recounted the horrific details of her mother’s decapitation to him so calmly it was ‘as if she was ordering lunch’.
Mr McGraw says the Duchess is full of ‘self hate’. She agrees, adding: ‘I’m disgusting and completely pointless. I’m 51 and I have no self-worth.’