Breakthrough of music as an industry in State yet to crystallize: Alemtemshi

Veteran sitarist from Assam Hem Hazarika and his son Subhankar at the World Music Day celebrations at Dimapur on June 21. (Morung Photo)
Voicing the reality of the music scene in the state, Alemtemshi, additional chief secretary, government of Nagaland during World Music Day celebrations at Dimapur stated that the breakthrough of music as an industry in Nagaland is yet to crystallize. He felt that this is an issue many music lovers and musicians are concerned about. It is at that point, where I get worried, he said, expressing concern on the music scenario in the state. “What will happen to people whom we have given hope that yes, music can be an industry in the State,” he said.
Speaking as chief guest at the World Music Day 2011celebrations held at IMC Hall, Dimapur today, Alemtemshi said that music is definitely teeming in Naga society and the only questions remains on how to channelize it. He requested musicians to share with the government of Nagaland on how ‘we can proceed further’. He stated that appropriate interactions are needed so that youngsters can benefit.
Commenting on the direction of music progress in the society, he opined that we have to be much more successful musicians. “Everyday something or the other is happening in Dimapur, but my question is, are our efforts enough?” he said.
He also shared concerns on how music could be productive in terms of livelihood and economy. “If art and culture in Nagaland, music and musicians in Nagaland are to excel, we need technology, for which we require money. Then the issue arises, how we Nagas can improve our economy, he said and further cited that Beatles, Elvis had wealth, fame and glory which was possible because of the great economies of the countries they hailed from. Therefore, we have to somehow see how to make our economy grow and make our State affluent. These are the other aspects music lovers and musicians have to keep in mind.”
The show was organized by North East Zone Cultural Zone (NEZCC). Som Kamei, Director also stated that the NEZCC is trying its best to give a platform to home grown musicians. We are trying to promote music as an industry and this programme is part of that process, he said. He also stated that importance is being given to bands and musicians whose influence is derived from culture.
The concert was unveiled with performance by NAAD Brahma led by veteran sitarist from Assam Hem Hazarika and his son Subhankar. The band is know for its fusion of North and South Indian classical rock, pop and jazz with the support of acoustic instruments. NE Express from Delhi, Snow White from Shillong, and Abiogenisis, and Alice In Wonderland from Nagaland also performed.