BTS band member Jungkook serves as cook as part of military service

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

Seoul, March 20 (IANS): K-pop supergroup BTS member Jungkook is currently serving as a cook while in military service.

Industry insiders and concerned authorities have confirmed, reports

Recently, Jungkook took to Weverse, a fan communication platform, to update fans on his well-being and said: "How are you, ARMY? I'm doing well. I've been exercising diligently."

He added: "We've been doing thorough cleaning, even up to the ceilings."

Moreover, Jungkook hinted at his role as a cook by adding: "I'm cooking well."

It has been reported that Jungkook flaunted his culinary skills in the past by sharing his own recipes, including perilla oil makguksu, ramen porridge, bulgogi, and cup noodle fried rice, through Weverse and personal broadcasts.