Cardi B was ‘afraid’ to live her life, ‘lost’ herself to negative comments

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

Los Angeles, March 20 (IANS): Grammy-winning raptress Cardi B said that she was “afraid” to live her life after a barrage of negative comments on social media last year.

“I just feel like I lost myself with everything,” she said.

“A lot of music commenters and everything and a lot of people just be like, ‘She’s afraid to drop an album, she’s afraid to drop music,'” Cardi recalled.

“Like last year, I barely dropped music. It’s just like I was just afraid to do everything,” she told Complex’s '360 with Speedy' series reports

It was in 2023, when Cardi B released 'Bongos' with Megan Thee Stallion. Her last album

'Invasion of Privacy' dropped in 2018. But her singles such as 'Up' and 'WAP' kept her in the news.

“I was afraid to go live, I was afraid to post a picture, I was afraid to go to the club, and then the next day seeing people, what they going to say about me, and everything,” Cardi said.

“I was afraid to do everything.”