• Building public trust
    Imlisanen Jamir With the COVID-19 vaccination drive well underway, people need clear information and guidance about the vaccines’ safety and potential side effects, so that most people are willing to get the shots. As important, is the need for authorities to build public trust on this issue. While vaccination is a choice, it is important to know that such drives will only be successful if a significant portion of the populace participates over the course of time.  Thi
  • Rebuilding in a COVID-19 World, An Agenda for 2021
    For most of 2020 the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), as a public health emergency, and its induced lockdown dramatically affected our way of life in unforeseen ways. It dramatically altered our perspectives and ensured we adjust to the “new” at all levels of human interactions.  The impact of COVID-19 pandemic took governments and people around the world by surprise. Never before in recent human memory has humanity been stressed by challenges it faces today as the pan
  • Civic Responsibility
    Veroli Zhimo In the recent past, multiple instances of damage to public property have been reported not just in Kohima but other parts of Nagaland. Bent railings on public footpaths, breaking of street lamp bulbs, vulgar graffiti on walls, damage or theft of flower pots from public spaces, etc., are some examples of vandalism observed across the state. However, authorities have seldom punished vandals either due to a poor understanding of their duty or the lack of efficient st
  • EdTech matters 
    Akangjungla The growing technology and its impact on education is a global experience. It has opened a new window to the world of education. The growth of technological capabilities to deliver information and enable communication for educational purpose through the internet is booming. And this devotion of technology to facilitate the learning experience is recognized as Educational Technology (EdTech).  Some of the biggest EdTech trends in recent times include Artificial In
  • The Old is Dying, but it is not Dead
    Dr Asangba Tzudir Traditionally, Nagas are known for pulling memorial stones, log drums, and gate pillars ritually and ceremoniously inside the village from jungles. Such events formed an integral part of the ‘greatest good’ and were marked by community participation within the village with the spirit of unity and oneness towards a common good.  Recently it was re-enacted in Kutsapo village under Phek district. However, it was not a stone or a logdrum pulling eve
  • De-platforming, does it work?
    Imlisanen Jamir Big tech seems to have apparently “woken up” to what they have for years now let run rampant—hate speech. The recent moves by tech giants, prominent among them Google, Facebook and Twitter, to de-platform who they deem as hate mongers and those who incite violence opens a Pandora’s box of questions on free speech and the role of private platforms. The law, at least in terms of the government, is somewhat clear (as clear as it can get whe
  • Aftermath of the Dzükou fire
    The Department of Fire & Emergency Services (F&ES) Nagaland’s recent announcement to submit a report on Preventive & Control measures for future wildfires to the State Government on January 9 is a welcome step in the right direction. The announcement came after the department officials visited the Dzükou Valley on January 7 to ascertain the damage caused by ongoing wildfire and to survey the area. Since December 29 last, the ecologically sensitive Dzükou
  • Lessons from Capitol Hill
     Imlisanen Jamir What the world witnessed on January 7 at the United State’s ‘seat of democracy’ is a taste of the havoc an uninformed populace, a click bait media and unprincipled leaders and politicians can cause combined.  For four years, the ‘leader of the free world’ trashed every democratic institution and any person or group who crossed him. He lied and lied, and the media that transfixed him lied and lied, and together they created
  • Sustaining road rules
    By Imkong Walling It’s the New Year and with it comes pledges to keep and achieve. The convention has been to come up with resolutions— to get rid of a bad habit, instilling a good one or setting goals to achieve, which mostly happens at the individual level. People helming policy-shaping positions or for that matter, public institutions have not been known to make community pledges for the year ahead. Seldom does one come across New Year resolutions that transcend in
  • Snailing Traffic
    Dr Asangba Tzudir With the completion of the 4-lane highway from Purana Bazaar to Chümoukedima, commuters are now enjoying a smooth ride, and more than anything else it has drastically cut down on travel time. However, this stretch of the road comes with its own set of dangers which has been attested by accidents happening initially. However, for a short while, especially during the festive season, no accidents were reported because of the enforcement of norms and regulations o
  • Ignorance can no longer be justified
    Imlisanen Jamir As we celebrated our entry into 2021 with hope for a better year, there were those who were at the same time fighting to save one of Nagaland’s treasures.  Segments of the fire which broke out in the Dzükou Valley on December 29 continue to spread. As per ground reports, while continuous firefighting efforts have ensured the safety of the main valley, the fire is yet to be completely doused. These are the women and men from the Nagaland Police,
  • Recuperating in 2021
    By all accounts, 2020 was an unprecedented year and the multiple impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic would linger for a long time. Nagaland is no exception and to say that it was a challenging year for those at the helms of affairs and the State's citizens would be an understatement, as they continue to grapple with the most devastating health crisis of the century. However, as the New Year begins, a sense of hope and optimism prevails with the prospect of vaccination as well as th
  • Do not let your guard down
    By Veroli Zhimo On the threshold of a New Year, the global COVID-19 pandemic no longer seems alarming to many in Nagaland, as overall cases maintain a downward trajectory and the state prepares for a massive nation-wide vaccination programme. ‘Normal’ life has resumed in substantial measure: many public places have opened up and there is a scaling up of public gatherings, with many more being organised. At the same time, critical activities such as on-campus education
  • Is 2020 a good year or bad year
    Dr Asangba Tzudir As the clock struck midnight declaring New Year, the anticipation and excitement must have been high thinking about the New Year ahead with New Year resolutions; a bucket list of things to do in the New Year besides the normal routine affairs for everyone, etc. But, in all likelihood, whatever you planned has not happened, and most unexpectedly got caught in the rituals of panic buying to stock up essential commodities made more heightened by the dependency s
  • Farm Laws: Implications for Nagaland
    Veroli Zhimo One of the key poll planks of the NDA government was doubling of farmers’ income by 2022. Along the lines, it introduced three laws driven by the logic that the market, not the government, should take a leading role in managing agriculture in the country. While the Centre maintained that the farm laws are part of its strategy to bring profitability in farming operations and raising incomes, majority of India’s farmers who are small and marginal, perceive
  • Let’s pull together
    Imlisanen Jamir Welcoming the New Year is usually a festive occasion. However, this year, it feels a little different. Many of us have been looking forward to ringing in 2021 since about March. If not before. 2020 started innocently enough. When the clock struck midnight last New Year’s Eve, only the psychics among us could have imagined the chaos the COVID-19 virus would bring into our lives. Since mid-March, we’ve all been pining for the day when our lives would ret
  • Baby Jesus in our 'Stomach'
    Dr Asangba Tzudir The Spanish flu broke out in 1918 February and continued till April 1920 affecting about 500 million people and took about 50 million lives. After about 100 years such a pandemic in the form of COVID-19 has haunted the people world over creating panic, untold hardships and suffering along with the loss of about 1.7 million lives currently.  This year has been a year dedicated to Corona with hope and feelings that this pandemic will not carry bag and baggage
  • Clearing the chaff on reservation 
    “Why does debate over an issue gets more participatory and the participants more emotional when the topic is government job quotas and reservation?” this column had posed earlier, wondering whether the numerical strenght in the government sector is the  yardstick of progress for a particular tribe.    The issue at debate here, among others, is the demand for 45% reservation in the proposed Nagaland Staff Selection Board (NSSB) by a conglomerate of six stud
  • Steady on that holiday cheer
    Imlisanen Jamir The holiday season is upon us again, and with the roads for once permitting smooth driving, ‘tis also the season where tragedies traditionally strike.  While any recent state-wide data on road accidents is not available, the Dimapur Police earlier in the year revealed that the town is witnessing increasing incidence of vehicular accidents. Fatalities have also been occurring at an alarming frequency ever since the completion of the four lane highway fro
  • Contrasting health status  
    Information on population, health, and nutrition, among others, in the latest National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5, 2019-20), depicted some concerning pictures of the health status in Nagaland. As per the factsheet on key indicators and trends for Nagaland, the fieldwork the state was conducted from July 15 to December 6, 2019, by Research and Development Initiative (RDI) Pvt. Ltd. Information was gathered from 10,112 households, 9,694 women, and 1,456 men.  The data collec