• Richie Rich Parties
    Money is an important component of everything that we do in life and to do away the role of money whether in politics is wishful thinking. We must understand the sustenance that money gives to the body politic
  • Tribal Dogma
    Developing a Naga Model of Co-existenceThe official stand taken by the ruling Naga Peoples Front (NPF) that the September 1, 2012 Dimapur ‘rampage’ “cannot be termed as Tribal or communal conflict”, is
  • Nagaland’s Green Mission
    An ambitious looking State Level Workshop on Green India Mission was conducted at the State Capital on August 27, 2012. Here the officials and concerned Minister for Forests, Ecology, Environment & Wildlife
  • Utilizing the Rs 300 cr
    Concerns are being raised with regard to the Special Plan Assistance (SPA) of Rs 300 crore granted by the Planning Commission, Government of India to address the development deficit in Eastern Nagaland. The Eas
  • Young Nagas & a peaceful multi-cultural society?
    Can younger Naga generations overcome our tribalism to build a peaceful multi-cultural Naga society? Well this is a very good question put up by the Morung Express in its weekly poll. And in the aftermath of wh
  • Forgiving as a start to reconciliation
    Aheli MoitraWith a long history of violence and a recent movement for forgiveness and reconciliation, the craft of peace making is not a stranger to this land. Forgiving, as a method for peace, wherein people k
  • School— the place for teachers
    Every year September 5 is celebrated as Teachers day in India. This is a day to remember, honour and appreciate the role of teachers in our lives. It is also the birthday of the former President of India and a
  • Community Policing
    Time to see the writing on the wallWhat happened on August 31, 2012, in which members of the Quick Reaction Team belonging to the Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) had taken the law into their own hands
  • Reaching Out
    We are faced with several ailments and tribalism, which is destroying the very fabric of the Naga society, is one of them. What happened in the aftermath of the August 31, 2012 incident, where a suspected bike
  • Public Service and Politics
    There is no doubt that elected politicians, especially those who go on to assume office, and bureaucrats, they are important pillars of governance. Both have their own set of powers and responsibilities and the
  • Coming Clean—Transparent Lives
    The will demonstrated by the Nagaland Police to enforce the Supreme Court ruling banning the use of sun control films of all shades and colours in vehicles, must be appreciated. While the State Capital of Kohim
  • Rebuilding our Homeland
    The World is Coming to UsIt is gives us immense pride to note that many positive things are happening in our homeland. Offcourse we cannot deny the fact that Nagas are burdened with several unresolved issues, w
  • Church Election Watchdog
    Lessons from Mizoram on free & fair electionsThe news about the Church sponsored election watchdog—the Mizoram People’s Forum (MPF) signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with major political parti
  • Corruption, Media and Citizens
    In India, a well known hypothesis has developed which goes something like this: In India corruption starts from the birth of a person when a birth certificate has to be obtained and it extends up to death when
  • Nagas need a Unity of Purpose
    There are a lot of things taking place all around us. Newspapers these days are filled with issues that concern our Naga people as well. The fact that we are living in an inter-connected and inter-dependent wor
  • Media Matters
    What is said or written in the media or newspapers is usually considered to be the absolute truth. This is especially true even in our Naga context. Newspapers here are therefore seen as vital channel of public
  • Performance and Openness
    Given the advantages that technology can provide, much more effort is needed to co-opt technology into our governance. Although there is ample opportunity to do this, somehow, there is reluctance on the part of
  • Giving Young Nagas a Chance
    Respect for our elders is positive virtue of Naga society. Irrespective of which tribe you belong to, the younger people go to great lengths to listen and obey what our fathers or elders have to say on all matt
  • Moral Blackout
    The world watched in surprise as nearly 700 million people in India were left in the dark following the country’s worst power crisis. This was indeed an embarrassment for an emerging power like India. For two
  • NE Disconnect
    What is happening in some parts of the country where people from the Northeast region are being targeted apparently in retaliation against the alleged ill treatment meted out to Muslims in Assam and Myanmar is