• Welcome Checks
    In what should be seen as a positive development as far as running the affairs of the country is concerned, the ‘independent’ judiciary as the third wing of the government has stepped into its role
  • A Shared Future
    IN testing times such as our present predicament, we as a people are confronted with the daunting question: Is peace possible? The response is: Do we have a choice? Invariably, if Nagas are to ensure their cont
  • A Free Press
    Journalists around the world in varying contexts risk their lives daily in unprotected situations to act in public interest by bringing stories, to share experiences and to impartially report unfolding situatio
  • What Now for Egypt?
    President Hosni Mubarak's decision to finally step down from power is significant. As mentioned by many people, including world leaders like US President Barack Obama, the removal of the once powerful Hosni
  • Techno Drive
    In the last one decade or so, we have seen a tremendous growth of technology permeating into every aspect of our lives. Further there has been vast improvement in the area of computer and mobile technology. All
  • Disaster Task-Force Missing
    Following the incident of fire which gutted the official residence of the Chief Minister, the Nagaland Cabinet in an emergency meeting held on Wednesday has informed that an enquiry committee “may be&rdqu
  • Disaster: Ready or Not?
    The unfortunate fire incident, which gutted the official residence of Nagaland Chief Minister on Tuesday night, has led to growing concerns about how well prepared our government machinery is when it comes to d
  • Embracing Co-existence
    Historical truth demonstrates that Naga political relations with India and Burma have been an acrimonious one. It is imperative that one turns to that history so that people may once again engage with those def
  • Leaders & Solidarity
    At the heart of indigenous people’s existence is its critical consciousness and indigenous leadership. These must serve as an alternative to the dominant culture and one that refuses to accept the interpr
  • Govt-Public Interface
    Two years after it was launched with much fanfare in 2009, the Government of Nagaland has finally decided to do the right thing by officially discontinuing with the ‘State Road Shows’, which after t
  • Info Blast & Anarchy
    We are now living in the age of the information superhighway where the dissemination of news and information has not only gathered speed but the sheer magnitude of available resources at our disposal is truly m
  • Arrest Corruption
    The arrest of the present UPA Government’s former Telecom Minister A. Raja in one of India’s biggest ever corruption probes, the 2G telecom scam is significant in more ways than one. While the BJP a
  • People’s Supreme Will
    The Year 2011 is already history to many unfolding events around the world, some of them very significant as well as unexpected. The overthrow of the old order in Tunisia, the massive protests in Egypt and ordi
  • Defining Moment?
    In this defining moment such as the present, Nagas have no other option but to transcend the past and the present and to confront with the realities of the future to create a society that is truly worth living
  • Nurturing New Leadership
    Every popular struggle for their rights has at various points of time been faced with the difficult question of who will carry on from the present leadership. The over-dependence on the present leadership and t
  • Political Indiscretion
    In politics and among politicians regardless of the party at the helm of affairs, the very thing called discretionary power is a treasured commodity and therefore one that cannot be disconnected from those in p
  • Deterring Rape
    It appears to be the season of rape if news paper reports are to be believed. In the run up to Christmas and New Year, several cases of rape and crime against women and children were reported from across Nagala
  • Picturesque Nagaland
    Using the platform of the 6th North East Business Summit held at Mumbai from January 21 to 22nd, 2011, Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has once again done his best to project and promote Nagaland as a touri
  • Time to Vote
    A first of its kind ‘National Voters Day’ was celebrated across the country on January 25, 2011 to mark the formation day of the Election Commission of India. The significance of the day, ahead of I
  • Reflections
    Every people, nation and state defines its identity and gives meaning to its existence based on a set of chosen traumas and chosen glories. These chosen traumas and chosen glories shape the role of a people&rsq