• The Sandwiched Generation
    More and more I am convinced that Naga children born in the 70s should aptly be referred to as the Sandwiched Generation. I make this emphasis because I perceive this generation as the one that links the past
  • Doctor Governor
    In his Republic Day address to the people, Nagaland Governor K. Sankaranarayanan pointed out that Dimapur can become a major health hub in the North East after Guwahati. Sankaranarayanan in his address went on
  • Gentleman Gilchrist
    To many people, the decision to retire from international cricket and subsequently the announcement made by Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist during the fourth test between India and Australia at the Adela
  • Confronting Monologue!
    One reason why Nagas in recent times find themselves in a perpetual state of arrestation is because of the manner in which ‘monologue’ has become so embedded into the ethos of daily life. Indeed the healthy
  • Sorry
    Sorry is always a good starting point to begin some form of honest conversation around historical relationships between people, especially when one group of people has been dehumanized by the other for generati
  • Oh Elections!
    One still cannot fathom the steel grip that Indian state elections have over the Naga mind. When election time comes, everything just seems to go into disarray and people begin to act and relate quite strangely
  • Dialogue of the deaf
    Human failure to respond to the natural call for transformation indicates that they have lost their capacity to make relevant structural adjustments with change. In the process humans have become immune to the
  • Cong dilemma
    With the Nagaland Congress party set to release its first list of candidates for election tickets, the dilemma that faces the party in the run up to Assembly Election is very much real. Whatever decision it tak
  • Shared Vision
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s three day visit to China recently could not have come at a better time when there is an urgent need for the two Asian giants to come together in greater unison on a number of r
  • Unchanged Hearts in a Changing World
    Over the last few years we are all witnessing some degree of visible changes in Naga society. One can say that these changes are part of the natural process of social change and human progression; while also ac
  • Problem of Dualism
    Human conviction reasons that change is continuous and that humankind is capable of understanding; an understanding rooted in context and conscience. Both these convictions are located within an inclusive histo
  • Plural Entity
    The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) has upped the ante on a separate Statehood setting a deadline for the Congress and the United Progressive Alliance government it heads at the Centre to come out with a firm co
  • Dependency Syndrome
    Thomas Paine once said: “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it”. The essence of this powerful message lends credence to widely accepted dictu
  • Twin Poll Code
    With announcement of elections due in March 5 for Nagaland, the Election Commission of India has brought into effect the mandatory Model Code of Conduct for the period leading up to the polls. This Code is equa
  • SMART Governance
    Indulging in corruption involving public money is a serious offence and deserves appropriate response from the top. But because politicians themselves are involved, it has not been possible for the State agenci
  • Delimitation Pause
    While the need to ensure fair representation to all sections of the people demands for periodic review of population census and subsequent exercise at delimitation of political constituencies, the latest move o
  • The Future?
    The process of nation-building is greatly influenced by intergenerational perspectives and opinions. Issues surrounding how different generations approach this are critical in the making of a nation. While olde
  • Self Criticism
    I wish to perceive self-criticism as a constructive praxis of critical introspection, self-discovery and self-examination that leads to new ways of action and reflection. The process of self-criticism has and w
  • Hope
    Some have said that Hope is what threatens power; Hope is what drives the revolution forward. If hope is a decisive element that defines the line between status quo and transformation, between oppression and ju
  • Between Promise and Practice
    If human history is about human struggle, it can be said that nations and peoples are continuously striving to attain their dignity. In the process, human tribulations consist of a dichotomy where people are ei