• Change in Mindset
    Time and time again, we hear Naga men and women in positions of power not just stressing upon the need for a change in Naga mindset and way of thinking; but asserting that it is the right way forward. There is
  • Common Development
    Mindset Change & Strong Law RequiredNaga leaders cutting across party affiliations called for a change in the mindset of the Naga people and to come out of their ‘tribal cocoons’ and pave the way for de
  • Giving for a Cause
    Public welfare is something that is often talked about as a matter of State policy. Every government worth its salt must fulfill its duty of looking after the needs and wants of its subject whether it is educat
  • Good Neighbors
    Investing in good neighborly relationship is truly worth the effort as can be seen from the recent economic blockade imposed by the All Assam Students Union (AASU) against Nagaland and the subsequent lifting of
  • RTI Progress Report
    Every year October 5-12 is being observed as the Right to Information (RTI) week across the country with the respective Information Commissions organizing workshops, seminars, press meets, competition in colleg
  • Beyond Charisma
    Not too long ago, there was a time when charisma was the door to mainstream politics. It opened possibilities and opportunities for many leaders not just in our own local context, but around the world as well.
  • Beyond State Sovereignty
    In the course of human history, the myth surrounding ‘state sovereignty’ has been exposed, which has lived of its usefulness. This conclusion is only natural since the dominant discourse on state sovereignt
  • Cong Vs Cong
    What was assumed to be a friendly contest between senior Congress leaders SI Jamir and I. Imkong for the prestigious post of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) President has now turned out to be a full
  • Ayodhya Reconciliation
    The long awaited court verdict on the Ayodhya land dispute was pronounced on Thursday, September 30, 2010. Unlike in most cases, no one knew exactly which way the court ruling will go. Therefore when the Allaha
  • Substandard Culture
    It’s Time To Regulate Food SafetyMy standard of hygiene may differ from his standard, their standard may differ from ours etc etc. This was the almost jocular comment given by one of the senior member of the
  • Millennium Development Goals
    The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) initiative launched in 2000 had set the year of 2015 to achieve its targets on eight key development goals. This includes cutting down cut poverty and hunge
  • Search for Truth
    The conceptual framework and ideology of the modern state that emerged through the Treaty of Westphalia had a profound effect on education, its institutions and systems which in turn influenced the dynamics of
  • A Leap to the Future
    In this defining moment such as the present, Nagas have no other option but to transcend the past and the present and to confront with the realities of the future to create a society that is truly worth living
  • Easy Big Money
    Nagaland and in particular the commercial hub of Dimapur is plagued by the chronic problem of ‘illegal taxation’ or extortion which has become an ‘industry’ to make a flourishing business. All types of
  • Towards Problem Solving
    It is a matter of great concern that Nagaland continues to see violence against women—sexual assault, rape, incest, domestic violence and even murder of one’s own ex-wife has been reported recently in the l
  • India’s CWG Fiasco
    On a day India was declared as the third most powerful country in the world after the US and China in a new official US report, the same India is facing a crisis of confidence, security worry and plain incompet
  • Autonomy is not Azadi
    Whether it is the Kashmir or Naga issue, it has to be understood by everyone—political parties, governments, security agencies, separatists, civil society—that things have become much more complicated and e
  • Alternatives
    Today, when we look around, one can see the violence of silence take its toll on the lives of Naga men and women. The tragic irony keeps unfolding itself and it is so acute that one can feel it literally. It’
  • A New Imagination
    The unthinkable has occurred and what was once a distant dream has now come to pass. The Highest Level Reconciliation Summit has renewed Naga hope and has given the Nagas an opportunity to break away from the p
  • Aggressive & Hasty
    If we have done wrong let us apologizeThe Nagaland police personnel are once again under scrutiny for an alleged incident which took place along National Highway 39 near Golaghat, Assam. According to reports ab