• Fighting our Problems
    Problems confronting Naga society and polity refuses to go away rather it is growing in different directions taking various shapes and forms. At the outset, it is important for everyone concerned to realize tha
  • Courage & Creativity
    Indigenous peoples make up 5% of the world’s population, occupy over 20% of the earth’s landmass, and pursue self-determination, which includes sovereignty, in all 73 countries in which they dwell. At a tim
  • ‘Positive Illusions’
    A research has found that over-confident people are more likely to wage war but fare worse in the course of an ensuing battle. It suggests that ‘positive illusions’ may contribute to costly wars. Peter Turc
  • Markets Don’t Get It
    Indian markets crashed on Monday reacting sharply to the Union Budget 2009-10 presented by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. The key Bombay Stock Exchange indices, which had surged in run-up to the budget on e
  • What’s in a title?
    The word ‘Shri’ seems to have become part of the Naga ‘in-culture’ while addressing a person, particularly while addressing people holding some position of power or occupying a position in office. It is
  • Rethink National Security
    While it maybe fair to say that human security and national security are ideally complementing and mutually reinforcing principles, it is true to say that state-centered concepts of national security has threat
  • Fighting Drug Abuse
    The continuing use of addictive drugs has become one of the biggest social problems threatening various societies both modern and traditional. To create awareness about the damaging effects of illicit drugs on
  • Voices from the past
    A few years ago during a seminar hosted by a reputed theological college in Nagaland, one of the key note speakers was an elderly Reverend, who spent most of his life in the northeast, more precisely in the Gar
  • Desperate Signs
    For those who were refusing to even entertain the possibilities of Climate Change affecting Naga-Lands, there could not have been a more insistent indicator than the distressing long-wait for the monsoons. The
  • Education for Peace
    Minister for Higher & Technical Education, Dr. Shurhozelie during his address at the first convocation programme of Patkai Christian College, on Tuesday implied that peace and development was intractably li
  • Noble Pledge
    The pledge taken by the Nagaland Christian Forum to work for a clean Naga society through the Clean Election Campaign is must appreciated and needs to be applauded by all. The campaign will need to evolve a pra
  • Noble Pledge
    The pledge taken by the Nagaland Christian Forum to work for a clean Naga society through the Clean Election Campaign is must appreciated and needs to be applauded by all. The campaign will need to evolve a pra
  • Peace for NC Hills
    The ethnic strife in troubled torn NC Hills, Assam refuses to go away despite all efforts made by the Government of Assam and the security forces to bring the situation under control. It is appalling to learn a
  • Battles in the Hearts & Minds
    Great men and women who have walked in this world have stated at various points in human history that violence breeds violence. And yet we continue to witness and experience men and women of great nations use v
  • Critical Imagination
    It continues to be the deep felt anguish and yearning of the Nagas to move from a point of uncertainty to stability and from fragile peace to one where sustainable peace is with dignity. The challenge of course
  • Govt that Delivers
    Two back to back decisions taken by the State government, one on the question of illegal collection and the second on encroachment of government owned lands and property, comes as a breath of fresh air. For man
  • Stand for Democracy
    The political crisis in Burma is a profound learning lesson on how the demography of international politics has changed as a result of globalism. Since the end of the cold war one has seen the emergence of incr
  • Taking Responsibility
    Its time to stop blaming others for our own misery and we need to start taking responsibility for our own limitations and weaknesses. There is an African proverb that states “When your house is burning, it’
  • What’s the time?
    For centuries, world politics has been organized around kingdoms, empires and states, but with the development of alternative political movements the understanding and perception of governance is being transfor
  • Historic Opportunity
    Since the turn of this century, the urgency for Naga reconciliation picked up momentum and the public yearning for reconciliation was felt like never before. The imperative need for the different Naga groups en