• Dialogue of the deaf
    Human failure to respond to the natural call for transformation indicates that they have lost their capacity to make relevant structural adjustments with change. In the process humans have become immune to the
  • A Ray of Hope
    The formal declaration by the Joint Forum of Nagaland GB Federation and Nagaland DB Association wherein they announced a 6 month long ceasefire between the Naga national armed groups has brought in a new ray of
  • Missionary Kalam
    No one in India today commands as much of respect as does outgoing President Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, scientist par excellence and the rarest of rare head of state who evolved a vision to transf
  • NPSC: Trail of Error
    It has come as no surprise to read about the recent public outcry with regard to the controversy surrounding the manner in which the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC) has once again shown how inefficien
  • Eastward Bound
    Considering that the tacit policy to reach out to the West was understandably not yielding her desired expectations and interest, it was quite inevitable for India to change course and head Eastward. It was onl
  • Behind the Mask
    Behind the façade of uniformity in every government or organization, there are real people with a wide spectrum of reasons for maintaining rank with the hierarchy of orders. Often these reasons have more to do
  • Mandela, the result of ‘89’
    As a number of international figures descended to share and celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 89th birthday yesterday (July 18) the recognition given to him by Archbishop Desmond Tutu perhaps captures the man and th
  • Critical times
    To say humankind is going through critical times is an understatement. We just need to open our eyes to recognize that the manner in which we conduct human affairs is only hastening the human community towards
  • Engaging the powers
    In reality, the present praxis of governance, peace and leadership is being imposed from above by structures that have acquired global proportions with the intention of creating forced dependence and inculcatin
  • Development and Education
    Development and Education are first of all about liberating people from all that holds them back from a full human life with dignity, justice and freedom. Therefore ultimately development and education are abou
  • Development in Armed Conflict
    Modern conflict is frequently chronic and fluctuating with hostilities varying in intensity and location. With majority of the casualties being civilians, people feel threatened even when their particular local
  • Development and Peace
    For genuine development Schumacher commented, it is first and foremost important to remove the illusion that ‘development and universal prosperity is the strongest foundation of peace.’ This is an erroneous
  • Reality Check
    Inspite of new official and commercial structures rising up, development projects being initiated and entrepreneurs sent for training and employment opportunities, the economic blockade along parts of the Assam
  • Development as Transformation
    Political, Social and Economic Justice and Ecological Sustainability have become the central rallying points to restore Development, Liberation, Transformation and Self-Determination at the core of peoples’ s
  • Self Definition
    The State system that feeds upon power, domination and violence has displaced humanity from its center and pushed aside other forms of political, social and economic organization. This has resulted in the break
  • The Violence of Silence
    One of the most violent forms of violence is silence. In the face of compelling unjust circumstances, silence becomes violence itself. While it is true that silence can be a powerful medium of protest, one need
  • The power of Power
    Essentially life is power and power is life and in the end it is through the power of Power that all life is realized. However, in the existing discourse of human affairs the life-giving forms of power have bee
  • Can the elephant and mouse coexist?
    For centuries, world politics has been organized around kingdoms, empires and states, but with the development of alternative political movements the understanding and perception of governance is being transfor
  • Confronting Monologue!
    One reason why Nagas in recent times find themselves in a perpetual state of arrestation is because of the manner in which ‘monologue’ has become so embedded into the ethos of daily life. Indeed the healthy
  • The Summer of 1999
    IN the summer of 1999, three young men and one woman came to the Summer Peacebuilding Institute to participate in a two-month long program on various issues concerning the question of peace. Their presence at s