• Wrong Emission
    The scientific debate over many current trans-boundary environmental problems is often heated and frustrating because the problems are very complicated and do not lend themselves to easy solutions. Not surprisi
  • Insights from the Reverends
    Last December during a seminar hosted by a reputed theological college in Nagaland, one of the key note speakers was an elderly Reverend, who spent most of his life in the northeast, more precisely in the Garo
  • Politicization of Climate Change
    On this day as people, nations and governments join hands in commemorating the World Environment Day; we are reminded of the profound need to recognize the sacredness of our environment and to realize how we as
  • Struggle and Pursuit
    The formation of modern state has led to two contradicting phenomenon: the struggle for rights, and the pursuit for power. While it is fundamental to recognize the relation between rights and power as interdepe
  • Political Gimmick
    The uncertainty arising out of the recent political development in the State with reports of dissident MLAs attempting to bring down the four year old Neiphiu Rio government is both disturbing for the stability
  • United Nations revisited
    Expectations from the United Nations depend on one’s perception and understanding of what the organization represents and what it can accomplish. It is agreed that in an increasingly contradicting yet interco
  • Thanks Margaret, for the Music
    By the time this editorial piece is out, the tribute concert for Margaret Anne Shishak at State Academy Hall, Kohima would have ended. But like any great artist and a wonderful human being, the legacy of this W
  • UN & Anti-Terror
    One of the travesties of nation states is that each has its national interests to protect or pursue so much so that interdependence as an instrument of global cooperation becomes a difficult proposition to foll
  • No other Option
    The necessity to create a viable and secure political, social, cultural and economic environment that would allow people to exercise their rights continues to be the primary essence of peoples’ movement, the
  • Road Blocks
    It is a matter of serious concern to note the high level of corruption especially in road projects. This comment of the Prime Minister last Wednesday at a conference in the national capital where he categorical
  • ULFA Must End Terror
    The violence and killings triggered off by several bomb blasts in Assam recently does not augur well for peace and development not only for Assam but also for the northeast region as a whole. Such kind of incid
  • A sticky issue
    The intervention of the Naga Hoho to institute a Peace committee as a step in seeking to resolve differences by building understanding amongst the Nagas is an initiative well appreciated. While this decision by
  • Demography and Labor
    With the supposed onward march towards progress and development, Naga policy makers and their consultants have under compulsion initiated its course of action without having much control or ownership over it. T
  • Congress Denial
    Months of speculation about a looming crisis in the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Party (NPCC) came out in the open recently when this newspaper reported on the demand calling for a thorough revamp of the party org
  • Courting Democracy
    The inauguration of the New High Court Complex near Kohima can be termed as history in the making. The coming of the High Court to the State Capital is truly a significant development as it will hopefully be se
  • Surprise destroys Trust
    In situations of strife, trust is a comfort very few essentially find; yet without active participation of trust, a nation rarely grows into its fullest embodiment. In the midst of prevailing assumptions, suspi
  • DMC Circus not Over
    The decision of twelve councilors of the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) to move a No Confidence Motion against the present Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson is unbelievable to say the least. Only last year in
  • A Public Process
    The Naga Nation needs healing. Victims and survivors need healing; perpetrators are in their own way victims of a violent system; and they need healing as well. The need to heal and reconcile emphasizes presenc
  • Liberation theology as a prophetic response
    Christianity as a way of life, demands a value-centered process which is perpetually and simultaneously in dialectic engagement with the Creator, fellow humans; nature and with ones-self. Any engagement process
  • DeStructuring Structures of Violence
    Violence plays an integral role in destroying human hopes and dreams. It takes many forms, some are direct physical force that is visible to the eyes; and some are of more subtle forms, which are indirect and l