• Time to Introspect & Correct
    As we enter the last month of yet another year gone by, there will be several reasons to celebrate and cheer about. The first week of December—the annual Nagaland Hornbill Festival—is something that people
  • Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise “Lead, Empower & Deliver”
    WORLD AIDS DAY, 2008This year’s World AIDS Day also marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day campaign. Since 1988, the global community living with HIV has committed itself to respond to the HIV/AIDS epid
  • Confronting Terrorism
    At this unfolding hour of grief and trauma, our heart goes out to those who have been tragically affected by the ongoing attacks in Mumbai. Under such circumstances it is difficult to fully comprehend why the p
  • Terror—Global Dilemma
    In one of the most audacious terror strikes on Indian soil, Mumbai has come under unprecedented night attack as terrorists used heavy machine guns, including AK-47s, and grenades to strike at the city’s most
  • Referendum, The Way?
    In the last decade, we have seen the birth of two new countries, East Timor and Kosovo; both of which gained their independence not through negotiations but through internal processes of referendum where people
  • Journalist’s Hazard
    The recent news about the killing of journalists in different parts of the country is a matter of concern. What is all the more distressing is that the nature of incidents as reported, appear to be directly rel
  • Tibetan Pragmatism
    The chasm between the old and the new school of thought within the Tibetan political community over the future of Tibet has been quite evidently expressed in recent years. The silence over the chasm by people i
  • Solution not Rhetoric
    There are no two opinions that the root cause of child labour is economic poverty and the impoverishment of millions who continue to live below the poverty line will only make it more difficult in uprooting the
  • Butterfly Effect
    Scientists around the world have often spoken about the principle of the “Butterfly Effect.” They tell us that the world of nature is so small and interdependent that a butterfly flapping its wings in the A
  • Education as Development
    Development and Education are about liberating people from all that holds them back from a full human life. Therefore ultimately development and education are about transformation, a process that involves spiri
  • Can We Say Sorry?
    Sorry is always a good starting point to begin some form of honest conversation around historical relationships between people, especially when one group of people has been dehumanized by the other for generati
  • Moral Recession
    The global economic crisis continues to be a worry, more so for the impact on the livelihood of ordinary people in the streets. The official word coming out of Tokyo that the world’s second most powerful econ
  • Democracy from Below?
    In an era of globalism and concentration of power through corporates and rigid States, it is only but natural to witness the popular growth of peoples movement, or in other words, the unfolding of Democracy fro
  • Naga Media: An Agent of Change
    Today the National Press day is being commemorated in the sub-continent; and what does this mean to the media community in Nagaland. While the situation and circumstances in the Naga context is obviously quite
  • Hope Indeed
    The second Naga Reconciliation Soccer match on November 13 between the Naga political groups (aka Factions) and the Naga civil society has once again strengthened hope and given rise to new optimism that Nagas
  • Delhi’s Late Call
    In a bid to spruce up intelligence network and achieve synergy in sharing intelligence inputs, particularly in the wake of the recent serial blasts in Tripura and Assam, the Centre has decided to set up an Inte
  • Blame Game
    We live in a continuous culture of blame; and it is based on this culture of blaming the ‘other’ that we define our existential worldview. This tragic and disastrous worldview nurtures a stand-point that co
  • A Break from the Past
    There is a Russian proverb which says: “Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye; forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes.” This insight possibly best illustrates the dilemma that confronts the choice
  • Say Yes to Hope
    Today, people have come out to stand together in solidarity to express their collective support for Nagas to come together as one. Their yearning for peace demonstrates the deep manifestation to live together i
  • The Roots
    Human cultures have through time adopted and adapted diverse habitats and utilized, altered and nurtured natural resources to meet countless everyday needs. Consequently, the process of resource harvesting and