• New Paradigm for NE
    India’s new Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram has much responsibility on his shoulder after the dismal performance of his predecessor Shivraj Patil who finally resigned owing moral responsibility for the Nov
  • Inclusive Reforms
    The recommendation of the Veerapan Moily Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) is good news for the people. The reforms suggested needs to be seriously considered and implemented wherever it is of help toward
  • Moral Imagination
    Indigenous peoples, the world over have witnessed great destruction, despair and suffering meted out against them; challenging the very core of their social, political, economic and moral fiber. Yet, it is thes
  • Public Dissent: A Democratic Necessity
    Non-violent public dissent is an important democratic characteristic that vibrantly reflects the nature of a democratic system that is continuously evolving and transforming to meet the needs of people. Contrar
  • Respect Human Dignity
    Till a generation ago the emphasis of human rights was primarily defined as an essential duty and responsibility of every modern State. This reasoning was based on the perception that the State was the only for
  • Consciousness for Renewal
    At the core of a peoples existence is its collective consciousness and perhaps Nagas must consciously and deliberately take the task to nurture, nourish and evoke a consciousness and perception that is an alter
  • The Scourge of Poverty
    Poverty is both a cause and effect of political instability and is often a result of the denial of basic human needs and human rights. The poorest countries are those who are suffering the dual forces of global
  • Human Rights Day Turns Sixty
    The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights turns sixty on December 10, 2008. Last year on Human Rights Day, the United Nations Secretary General launched a year-long UN system-wide advocacy campaign “Dign
  • Naga Youths
    Naga youths are in a time when some of them feel they are part of a misplaced generation. Their parents resisted the idea that they could not live as free people, for which they experienced the hardship of huma
  • Middle Class Angst
    The aftermath of the Mumbai terror strikes has led to public outcry against the government (‘State’) in general and politicians (‘Leaders’) in particular. The massive outpouring of anger witnessed on th
  • Young People - from Empowerment to Engagement
    Nagaland government set aside a year dedicated to ‘youth empowerment’ and under that mandate, a series of events and programmes were launched all across the state. It is a good beginning. It is a critical b
  • Urgent Road Safety
    It is a matter of concern to note on the frequent accidents reported especially in the commercial hub of Dimapur. Back to back accidents at the Nahabari junction area on National Highway 39 have led to loss of
  • Beginning of the End?
    To say humankind is going through critical times is an understatement. We just need to open our eyes to recognize that the manner in which human affairs is being conducted is only hastening the human community
  • Is State the Solution
    In the common search for JustPeace, it is judicious to begin by asking fundamental questions that define the path in which the process towards understanding interplays with issues of natural justice. Invariably
  • Time to Introspect & Correct
    As we enter the last month of yet another year gone by, there will be several reasons to celebrate and cheer about. The first week of December—the annual Nagaland Hornbill Festival—is something that people
  • Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise “Lead, Empower & Deliver”
    WORLD AIDS DAY, 2008This year’s World AIDS Day also marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day campaign. Since 1988, the global community living with HIV has committed itself to respond to the HIV/AIDS epid
  • Confronting Terrorism
    At this unfolding hour of grief and trauma, our heart goes out to those who have been tragically affected by the ongoing attacks in Mumbai. Under such circumstances it is difficult to fully comprehend why the p
  • Terror—Global Dilemma
    In one of the most audacious terror strikes on Indian soil, Mumbai has come under unprecedented night attack as terrorists used heavy machine guns, including AK-47s, and grenades to strike at the city’s most
  • Referendum, The Way?
    In the last decade, we have seen the birth of two new countries, East Timor and Kosovo; both of which gained their independence not through negotiations but through internal processes of referendum where people
  • Journalist’s Hazard
    The recent news about the killing of journalists in different parts of the country is a matter of concern. What is all the more distressing is that the nature of incidents as reported, appear to be directly rel