• SMS Idol?
    Prashant Tamang, a constable in the West Bengal Police, was on Sunday night declared the winner of talent hunt show Indian Idol after he pipped his rival Amit Paul. The fact that both Tamang and Paul were from
  • Liberating the human mind
    Suppression of the human body has often been characterized first by the colonization of the mind and spirit. The colonization of the mind is intended to cloud and internalize the human spirit with fear and sens
  • The Power of Silence
    One would generally assume that silence symbolizes a feeling of powerless and it has often been portrayed negatively; yet the history of the world have experienced a few poignant moments in which Power was trul
  • Law of Politics
    Last week’s political development—the resignation of four NPF MLAs Z. Obed, K. Therie, Vatsu Meru and Yeangphong first from the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and later from the party was on expected lines.
  • Peace Day
    Today, the United Nations commemorates yet another International Day of Peace, a declaration first passed by its General Assembly through resolution 36/67 in 1981. In pursuance of the declaration, the UNGA in 2
  • Indolent House?
    The State of Nagaland has a comparatively small legislature with strength of sixty members. In size as well as in its function, the State Assembly is therefore only a very small miniature of the bicameral India
  • Education in Doldrums
    The inevitable had to happen and the worst fear about the plight of our school education system has once again become exposed after the latest disclosure by the Chairman of the Town Education Committee (TEC) of
  • Mobocracy Alive
    The series of mob violence in the world’s largest democracy, as reported, is a matter of concern and begs for an appropriate intervention of a State system that appears to be awfully short of public confidenc
  • AIDS: A Political catastrophe
    The UNAIDS December 2006 report says the number of people living with HIV in 2006 was 39.5 million, of which 2.3 million are children under the age of 15 years. The report further estimates 4.3 million people n
  • Integrity In; Charisma out
    Not too long ago, there was a time when charisma was the door to mainstream politics. It opened possibilities and opportunities for many leaders not just in our own local context, but around the world as well.
  • Middle-East Grievance
    With another anniversary of the terrible 9/11 tragedy coming our way, it is time to once again reflect on the larger political issue that cries for the world’s attention. And after a long layoff from the Midd
  • Burma on the Edge
    It is not for nothing that Burma has long been the center of international attention and concern in the Asian Pacific region. Its transition from a growing democracy to a military state, and from being the rice
  • Teacher Who?
    Teacher Who? This is the question that requires an answer especially on an occasion such as Teachers Day and more so in the backdrop of evidence clearly pointing to teachers absconding from classrooms particula
  • Nuke Time-Out
    A compromise formula on the Indo-US nuclear deal standoff between the UPA and the Left was always on the cards given the latter’s far fetched threat to pull down the Manmohan Singh government. So for now at l
  • Water
    Human beings are eternally dependent on water for survival. It’s a natural law of life and over time water has become the core natural source that will decisively define the destiny and quality of human life.
  • PM’s Poll Tonic
    The visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Kohima on February 27 as part of the campaign ahead of the March 5 election was obviously well orchestrated by the Congress party managers sending out some crucial
  • Undemocratic Poll
    As a people known for their honesty and hard work, rooted in a culture of individual integrity and society’s solidarity, Nagas today find themselves in the grip of alien systems, which we are unable to come t
  • A Nation in need of Healing
    The Naga Nation needs healing. Victims and survivors need healing; perpetrators are in their own way victims of a violent system; and they need healing as well. The need to heal and reconcile emphasizes presenc
  • A Time to Act
    The yearning for Nagas to be united in their common pursuit for freedom has been the deep desire of the people for many years now. The imperativeness to find an end to the internal violence that is seeping away
  • Can we Trust?
    Trust is a powerful virtue that inspires and propels humans to respond in ways that are unimaginable and yet real; for at its core, the power of trust unleashes a mystical and dynamic energy that instills the h