• Engaging Pakistan
    That India and Pakistan are neighbours but remain as distant as ever is once again reflected in the manner in which the latest peace initiative between the governments of the two countries has been received in
  • Preventable diseases
    Malaria is preventable. Everyone seems to agree with that. Consistent use of mosquito nets, especially in seasons when the malarial parasite breeds most, is a helpful practice that can effectively prevent the s
  • Reclaiming Democracy
    In an era of globalism and concentration of power through corporates and rigid States, it is only but natural to witness the popular growth of peoples movement, or in other words, the unfolding of Democracy fro
  • Cost Cutting
    The annual financial statement popularly known as the Budget for the year 2009-10 was presented by the Chief Minister and subsequently passed by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly. Firstly, on the revenue side,
  • The politics of promises
    It is now quite common to experience the practice of promises contradicting performance; and words being nothing more than rhetoric, especially in relation to governments and political parties in the Naga elect
  • Peace – In the Making!
    When people say they are struggling for Peace, they actually mean justice, because genuine sustainable peace cannot exist unless it is founded on the values of truth and justice. Justice – political, social,
  • G8—No big deal
    The Group of Eight (G8) Summit of the western powers also known as the rich nations was held recently in Italy where top leaders including American President Barack Obama attended lending hope that some of the
  • A New Consciousness
    The Nagas of the present by large seem to be groping in the dark. Though they are quite definite and sure of their aspiration; they seem quite unsure how to actually transform their aspiration into reality. The
  • Encouraging Signs
    The steps taken by the various Naga political groups in the Naga Reconciliation process are encouraging signs; and despite the air cynicism, it remains a matter of fact that violence between the various Naga po
  • Engaging Partners
    The visit of United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to India on her first official tour to Asia is both symbolic of India’s emergence as a global power as also the deep engagement that is developing
  • Wholeness of Life
    The Naga people do not exist in a vacuum; its existence is located within a historical and political reality of a given context. The dilemma that Nagas are facing is perhaps best represented by the fable of the
  • Change: The unspoken need
    In order for Nagas to move forward towards their aspirations; they must first begin to understand where they came from and where they are today! In order to do so, Nagas must reclaim their heritage, reclaim the
  • A Lay Perspective
    Christianity as one is reminded time and time again in Naga history has been made the central point of a new order which brought with it new styles of clothing, new customs, new forms of etiquette, new medical
  • Focus on Priority
    Today’s world for the Nagas faces no shortage of challenging crisis: identity, political conflict, militarization, HIV/AIDS, financial instability, corruption, water, electricity, roadways and transport, wide
  • Burma on the Edge
    It is not for nothing that Burma has long been the center of international attention and concern in the Asian Pacific region. Its transition from a growing democracy to a military state, and from being the rice
  • Deterring Rape
    Two recent incidents, both reported from the Northeast, related to rape, once again raises our concern about the failure of the present system to address the grave injustice done to a majority of rape victims.
  • Redrawing Strategy
    The present forms of engagement by the international community with the State Peace and Development Council, Burma is clearly not having the desired effect. The recent decision of the SPDC - commonly referred t
  • Nameless
    To be truly secure, Nagas need to critically look at the way we are constructing the future and dealing with the past. This has become the decisive factor at this point of history. More than others, it’s abou
  • Fighting our Problems
    Problems confronting Naga society and polity refuses to go away rather it is growing in different directions taking various shapes and forms. At the outset, it is important for everyone concerned to realize tha
  • Courage & Creativity
    Indigenous peoples make up 5% of the world’s population, occupy over 20% of the earth’s landmass, and pursue self-determination, which includes sovereignty, in all 73 countries in which they dwell. At a tim