• Ironic Opportunity
    The guilty verdict of the court in Burma has come as no surprise. Yet, the verdict has presented an ironic opportunity, for Aung San Suu Kyi to make a decisive push against the State Peace and Development Counc
  • Where is the Development?
    The second development seminar for the districts of Mon, Tuensang, Longleng and Kiphire has come out with a compilation of schemes especially with regard to infrastructure development in the core sectors of roa
  • Our Strength
    The strength of the Naga people lies in its human resource. Yet, in these perilous days, the Nagas have been blinded and are unable to fully appreciate this historical truth. And because of this, the politics o
  • Loving God, Loving Each Other
    To know Jesus is indeed to know Him as revealed in the struggle of the people for freedom because God’s act for humanity involves humanity’s liberation from repression. The Church needs to therefore make th
  • Swine Flu Alert
    The global outbreak of a new strain of influenza virus: the H1N1 originating in Mexico has now reached India’s shore and within striking distance of Nagaland’s border. Commonly known as swine flu, it’s no
  • Ownership of Resources
    Human cultures have through time adopted and adapted diverse habitats and utilized, altered and nurtured natural resources to meet countless everyday needs. Consequently, the process of resource harvesting and
  • Backdoor Diplomacy
    The pardon granted to the two journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee on Wednesday by North Korea has come as a pleasant surprise. The unexpected turn of events have occurred at a particularly crucial and uneasy ti
  • Rise Above Party Politics on Naga issue
    The two main political parties in Nagaland, the ruling NPF and the Nagaland Congress needs to come together over the Naga political issue. Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has already publicly endorsed this thinking
  • Strong Leadership
    Nagas are in need of strong and vibrant leadership; one that is able to soak in constructive criticism and have the will to act justly in the finest interest of the people. In the traditional Naga context, ther
    The Government of India has recently stated that the center was working to make amendments to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and limiting the application of the legislation in some areas. This is n
  • Engaging Pakistan
    That India and Pakistan are neighbours but remain as distant as ever is once again reflected in the manner in which the latest peace initiative between the governments of the two countries has been received in
  • Preventable diseases
    Malaria is preventable. Everyone seems to agree with that. Consistent use of mosquito nets, especially in seasons when the malarial parasite breeds most, is a helpful practice that can effectively prevent the s
  • Reclaiming Democracy
    In an era of globalism and concentration of power through corporates and rigid States, it is only but natural to witness the popular growth of peoples movement, or in other words, the unfolding of Democracy fro
  • Cost Cutting
    The annual financial statement popularly known as the Budget for the year 2009-10 was presented by the Chief Minister and subsequently passed by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly. Firstly, on the revenue side,
  • The politics of promises
    It is now quite common to experience the practice of promises contradicting performance; and words being nothing more than rhetoric, especially in relation to governments and political parties in the Naga elect
  • Peace – In the Making!
    When people say they are struggling for Peace, they actually mean justice, because genuine sustainable peace cannot exist unless it is founded on the values of truth and justice. Justice – political, social,
  • G8—No big deal
    The Group of Eight (G8) Summit of the western powers also known as the rich nations was held recently in Italy where top leaders including American President Barack Obama attended lending hope that some of the
  • A New Consciousness
    The Nagas of the present by large seem to be groping in the dark. Though they are quite definite and sure of their aspiration; they seem quite unsure how to actually transform their aspiration into reality. The
  • Encouraging Signs
    The steps taken by the various Naga political groups in the Naga Reconciliation process are encouraging signs; and despite the air cynicism, it remains a matter of fact that violence between the various Naga po
  • Engaging Partners
    The visit of United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to India on her first official tour to Asia is both symbolic of India’s emergence as a global power as also the deep engagement that is developing