• Re-look at E-Programme
    Referring to the declaration of 2010-11 as the “Year of Entrepreneurs,” Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio during the current Budget session has informed that the government expects to help at least 1000 entreprene
  • Govt Should Step In: Not another ‘Tax’ Please
    The Dimapur Chamber of Commerce (DCC) and its subsidiaries have not without reason reacted strongly to an order reportedly issued by the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur permitting Naga Council Dimapur t
  • Public Issues in Assembly
    After a long gap, people’s representatives have finally sat down for a much needed weeklong Assembly Session. It is unfortunate that Nagaland must be having one of the least numbers of legislative sittings. O
  • Bottom-Up
    In an era of globalism and concentration of power through corporates and rigid States, it is only but natural to witness the popular growth of peoples movement, or in other words, the unfolding of Democracy fro
  • The silent violence
    Today, when we look around, one can see the violence of silence take its toll on the lives of Naga men and women. The tragic irony keeps unfolding itself and it is so acute that one can feel it literally. It’
  • Home Mission
    Nagas are today faced with spiritual and moral bankruptcy. This is a worrying sign for the future. It is also indicative of the fact that devoid of ethics we have become grossly materialistic and our only aim i
  • Urban Green Spaces
    The Forest Minister of Nagaland has recently inaugurated an herbal garden at the Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar Dimapur. There are reports that seven more have been established across the State and more a
  • J&K’s Politicians Should Emulate Nagaland
    After a considerable period of quiet and lull, the State of Jammu & Kashmir is once again in the news headlines. The concern is that unlike the usual cross border violence or periodic infiltration and firin
  • For the Good of the Game
    The FIFA World Cup in South Africa has just ended. Over 700 million people are reported to have watched the finals on July 11. In spite of many limitations—geographical boundaries, political divisions, econom
  • Being Relevant
    In a world that is rapidly and constantly undergoing rapid changes, the need for regional and world co-operation amongst governments has become an imperative. Historical and natural forces have ensured that tra
  • Boundaries of the Mind
    Boundaries left behind by Colonial forces have perhaps had the greatest impact on future generations. The imaginary lines which were arbitrarily drawn without the consent of the people have only re-enforced the
  • Expensive Foreign Jaunts
    The 2010 FIFA World Cup at South Africa draws to a close this early morning with eager anticipation for the finals between Spain and the Netherlands. People in Nagaland would have stayed awake to catch all the
  • Costly Security Burden
    Policing, army patrolling, troops buildup and the entire burden associated with security takes up a lot of the State’s resources. Imagine if everyone was a law abiding citizen or conflicts did not exist we wo
  • Tuli Paper Mill Stuck
    It is discouraging to note that the revival of the Nagaland Pulp and Paper Co Ltd (NPPC) at Tuli might possibly take longer than expected. With work stalled for whatever reasons one should not expect the so cal
  • Fighting Prowess
    The State of Chhattisgarh which has been in the news thanks to the huge number of casualties sustained in Maoists attacks, the focus is now shifted to the scathing remark made by the Chhattisgarh top cop questi
  • Impunity
    When the Armed Forces Special Powers Act was first introduced in 1958 to militarily engage the Nagas and to hinder their call for freedom; people that valued and respected democratic values and principles deepl
  • Sorry
    Sorry is probably one of the most difficult act, and yet it is always a good starting point to begin some form of honest conversation around broken and hurt relationships between people. Sorry does not imply th
  • Overhauling Govt System
    It does not come as a surprise to hear a Union Minister at the Centre complain about the functioning of bureaucrats. Minister of State in the Health Ministry Dinesh Trivedi has openly attacked the bureaucracy i
  • Kushi Kushi Attitude
    The incident involving Nagaland Home Minister at the Kathmandu Airport could have been averted had the Minister taken necessary precaution to know the dos and don’ts while traveling abroad. While no doubt the
  • Social Change
    Social change is an integral and natural process of human progression. Without transformation human life would become stagnant. Right now if one were to look around the world, one would find many situations tha