• State and JustPeace
    The realization of JustPeace cannot be achieved unless the dilemma of the State is adequately addressed within any political process of negotiation. This is fundamental since the State is a creation of a realit
  • Public Nuisance
    The manner in which encroachment and vandalism has been reported at Referral Hospital Dimapur is shocking and deserves the highest condemnation. Such kind of despicable behavior on the part of some lowdown elem
  • Showing the Way!
    A year ago, who would have ever thought or anticipated that the Maoist of Nepal would be part of an interim parliament and an active entity in formulating a new democratic constitution? Known for their efficien
  • How Long?
    How long will it be before Nagas realize that there are ways of settling differences of opinion other than just resorting to the use of force and violence? Evidently it seems like the hammer is perceived as the
  • Democratic Expression
    With only a month to go for the Manipur State Assembly Elections, a significant number of developments have been recorded both in Imphal Valley and also across the four Hill districts of the State. One signific
  • Breaking the Cycle of Violence
    The surging cycle of political violence is once again perpetuating itself and ripping apart the fiber of Naga society. It has caused the most basic sense of trust to be suspended and has brought to the forefron
  • Between Doubt and Certainty
    The tension between doubt and certainty has come to dominate any negotiating process – in different sphere of life – and it would not be wrong to say that negotiations continuously swing between doubt and c
  • The Violence of Silence
    One of the most violent forms of violence is silence. In the face of compelling unjust circumstances, silence becomes violence itself. While it is true that silence can be a powerful medium of protest, one need
  • Dialogue Mode
    The visit of the NSCN (IM) Collective Leadership to Nagaland after a gap of two years should provide an opportunity for Naga civil society to encourage the undertaking of a dialogue process to deal with the spa
  • Public Opinion Matters
    The recent Morung Express Poll on the topic “What should be the priority for Nagas in 2007?” came close to be one of the most evenly contested readers poll. There was no overwhelming verdict as has been the
  • Border of Contention
    Nagaland and Assam are no more sisters. Or at least that’s what the present impasse between the two North Eastern states seems to imply. The border between the two has been a bone of contention for the last t
  • ULFA Terror
    The alarming violence and bloodshed engulfing Assam in the very first week of a New Year does not augur well for peace loving people in the region. Clearly, the back to back killings is the deadliest attack car
  • Taking Ownership
    Indigenous peoples make up 5% of the world’s population, occupy over 20% of the earth’s landmass, and pursue self-determination, which includes sovereignty, in all 73 countries in which they dwell. At a tim
  • Numbness
    Recent conditions have unmasked the glaring numbness which is eating away the spirit of Naga society. It seems like the Nagas have come to a time where they have just stopped living, have become indifferent to
  • Can we Trust?
    Trust is a powerful virtue that inspires and propels humans to respond in ways that are unimaginable and yet real; for at its core, the power of trust unleashes a mystical and dynamic energy that instills the h
  • Globalization or Globalism?
    Globalization was projected as the great leap of human evolution in a linear march from tribes to nations to global markets. Our identities and context were to move from the national to the global and from ‘p
  • Work for Peace
    As Naga people foray into another New Year there are countless number of challenges to be addressed on the socio-economic front while the unresolved political problem puts a serious question mark on the efficac
  • Hopeful Imagination for 2007
    In a time when the world seems to be in an abyss of grave uncertainty, there is an urgent need to muster a sense of will and determination to usher the New Year with a yearning that should essentially cultivate
  • Bending Rules
    The Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) Government needs to be patted on its back for taking up the cause of the unemployed youths of Nagaland. But unfortunately, to do this, the government has defied its own
  • Pragmatic steps build possibilities
    The journey towards reconciliation is a long process that needs to weather many seasons of transitions and therefore demands the utmost will and courage to keep the process going. To sustain the continued proce