• Talking about Talk
    How should nations and peoples respond to issues of incompatible interest, pursuit over limited resources and underlying questions of self-determination? Perhaps, the problem is as ancient as human history. Evi
  • Alarm Bells on AIDS
    On October 12, 2006 the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) Chief, Sujatha Rao in the presence of senior political leaders sounded an alarm on the AIDS scenario in Nagaland. The observation that the state
  • Our Right to Info
    Other than the exercise of appointing Public Information Officers (PIO) and the State Information Commissioners, not much headway has been made in terms of the Right to Information Act here in Nagaland. Awarene
  • Making sense of NGOs
    It seems that any and every organization which does not fall under the direct structure of the state-system is fairly or unfairly labeled as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Indeed the term ‘NGO’ is w
  • Where do we go?
    We live in a time where insanity has become the ruling norm. Though there is an air of complacency and indifference, it will be fair to say that people are tired and quite fed up with the direction that Naga so
  • New Lease of Life
    It is estimated that there are more than 10 million child workers in India and they have an opportunity to regain their lost childhood if governments across the country remain committed in enforcing the law ban
  • Time to Reconcile
    In terms of people’s participation and feedback, the recently concluded Morung Express Poll on the question “Are Nagas ready to reconcile” should go down as one of the most successful (in terms of partici
  • Penning Non-violence
    The pen is mightier than the sword they say and true to this philosophy; ideas have a much larger impact than violence. In fact, new ideas can alter the thinking of people and demolish old prejudiced beliefs th
  • Sustainable Urban Growth
    The United Nation Secretary-General Kofi Annan in his message on the occasion of World Habitat Day (observed on the first Monday of October every year) points out that by the year 2050, some 6 billion people re
  • In-Too Deep
    The brutal killing of a seventeen year old student of Class XI Shimmei Shingnaisui at Kohima on Gandhi Jayanti and the incident at Zunheboto on September 29 when a four year old boy, Inato, fell victim to the b
  • Reconciling the future
    John Paul Lederach describes Reconciliation as “a meeting ground where truth and mercy have met, and where justice and peace have kissed.” Derived from Psalms 81:10, it suggests an ongoing process which inv
  • The Violence of Silence
    One of the most violent forms of violence is silence. In the face of compelling unjust circumstances, silence becomes violence itself. While it is true that silence can be a powerful medium of protest, one need
  • Politics of Peace
    Fifteen blasts in 48 hours. Seventy-five dead. Over 300 injured. When the rest of India was celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on October 2, 2004, insane elements were wreaking havoc in Nagaland and Assam.
  • Axis of Democracy
    It is quite perplexing to note that the Military regime in Myanmar is today everything that India is not and it should not surprise many that New Delhi does not come anywhere near to what Rangoon practices in t
  • Compassion in Crisis
    Archbishop Tutu remarks that a nation divided during a repressive regime does not emerge suddenly united when the time of repression is passed … neither can anyone have the power to say ‘Let bygones be bygo
  • Building Bridges
    In situations of crisis that has resulted in causing injury and human casualty, there is an acute tendency to focus primarily on offenders, thereby, often overstepping those most affected and victimized. In mos
  • Delhi’s Hogwash
    Not for nothing, the ULFA and now the People’s Consultative Group—nominated to hold direct talks with the Government of India—are feeling betrayed by Delhi’s insensitivity. Slighted, the ULFA has now st
  • Remembering to heal
    In life, we suffer the loss of loved ones but none could be more painful when one loses them to unnatural circumstances. Many innocent Naga lives have been cheated off their youth and from their aspirations to
  • Political Order
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the recent Chief Ministers conference on Internal Security made no bones about the fact that greater emphasis should be laid on intelligence gathering at the grass root leve
  • Indigenous people at risk
    The endeavors of indigenous people for survival and realization of basic needs and fundamental rights has been complicated by compelling circumstances and exceptional challenges created by the homogenizing and