• A Public Process
    The Naga Nation needs healing. Victims and survivors need healing; perpetrators are in their own way victims of a violent system; and they need healing as well. The need to heal and reconcile emphasizes presenc
  • (IL)Legitimate Norms
    Over the last few weeks, several charges of corruption has been leveled against a number of politicians belonging to the ruling DAN government including a long list of allegations against the Chief Minister him
  • Training Day
    The two days orientation programme for Legislators of Nagaland beginning today at Kohima is an important learning exercise especially for the MLAs. Hopefully at the end of the progamme, legislators would be bet
  • The Reality is... !!
    Of late several high-profile programs, including a multi-crore five-day event has been undertaken by the Government of Nagaland. All these events have consistently focused on the issue of development, with the
  • Inner Strength
    Against the onslaught of many things modern, whether it is popular culture, political system or the bureaucratization of the individual and society, there is much truth in the saying that something’s are left
  • Democracy from Below?
    In an era of globalism and concentration of power through corporates and rigid States, it is only but natural to witness the popular growth of peoples movement, or in other words, the unfolding of Democracy fro
  • Local Solutions to Local Problems
    At a time when globalism is rapidly institutionalizing itself and the line between local and global blurring into a myriad of fluid conveniences, it is alluring to assume homogeneity. This assumption however co
  • Code on Accord
    In an effort to explore the other side of the current peace process, namely on the reconciliation front, the Naga Hoho has done the right thing by passing a resolution for setting up of a Reconciliation Committ
  • Change and Media
    In human terms, one critical obstacle that stands in the way of societal change is fear. Although fear is a natural phenomenon, it has been used as an instrument by which people are ruled. For instance, the fea
  • Conversion Bogey
    The manner is which the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly has piloted the controversial anti-conversion bill calls for wide condemnation. The motive behind the legislation in itself goes against the spirit of a se
  • Does the State Resolve or Create Conflict?
    In the common search for JustPeace, it is judicious to begin by asking fundamental questions that define the path in which the process towards understanding interplays with issues of natural justice. Invariably
  • Economic Returns
    Thomas Paine once said: “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it”. The essence of this powerful message lends credence to widely accepted dictu
  • Untimely Strike
    While employees of the State Bank of Indian (SBI) continue fighting for their rights, the general public, in particular the pensioners and salaried class people are at the receiving end for no fault of theirs.
  • N-Deal
    Pitching vigorously for support from the US Congress on the nuclear deal with India, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has sounded the right note by sending the message that the deal with New Delhi will help
  • For a democratic law
    As it is common knowledge, when indigenous people were colonized, colonial administration changed the basic informal general ethical code of conducts in the indigenous way of life and worldviews into a more for
  • Bi-partisan Spirit
    The on and off political confrontation both within the DAN coalition and between the DAN government and the Opposition Congress has sometimes led to a degeneration of politics to mere partisan squabbles provoke
  • Ballot Counts
    That there is an overwhelming desire for peace in Assam is clearly manifested by the large turnout of an estimated 68 per cent of the 92 lakh electorate casting their votes in the first phase of assembly electi
  • In search for human security
    The denial of human security is the direct result of oppression and subjugation perpetuated by structures of political domination. It conditions attitudes and suspicions defined by a history which is not their
  • Checks & Balances
    Despite constitutional bindings, the separation of the judiciary from the executive wing of the state remains still a far cry due to obvious reluctance and foot-dragging on the part of the Nagaland government f
  • Politics of written language
    History has shown that victors of war have always written history of the people they conquered. This trend tremendously affected the history and identity of many peoples. It can be said without exaggeration tha