• NU Sound-Check
    The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has reportedly asked the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to submit the true account of the alleged financial misappropriations and other anomalies in the
  • Naga Consciousness – Is it?
    At the core of a peoples existence is its collective consciousness and perhaps Nagas must consciously and deliberately take the task to nurture, nourish and evoke a consciousness and perception that is an alter
  • Public Opinion?
    The process of formulating ‘public opinion’ is fundamental for democratization and progression of a people. ‘Public opinion’ is distinct from the ‘mind of a crowd.’ It is a systematic process of sen
  • Engaging the powers
    In reality, the present praxis of governance, peace and leadership is being imposed from above by structures that have acquired global proportions with the intention of creating forced dependence and inculcatin
  • Restoring Democracy
    Underlining the need for restoration of democracy in Myanmar, India has finally done the right thing by offering assistance in establishing the democratic structure in the country. That President A P J Abdul Ka
  • Truth and Knowledge
    Truth and knowledge are existential realities perceived and understood in different ways. It is essential to examine how the basis of social and cultural practices formed the realms of knowledge that not only r
  • Power-Games
    One of the oft-repeated feedbacks on the entire DMC thing over the last two weeks or so has been the adage that ‘anything can happen in politics’. This has been proved once again by the twists and turns tha
  • Dialogue of the deaf
    Human failure to respond to the natural call for transformation indicates that they have lost their capacity to make relevant structural adjustments with change. In the process humans have become immune to the
  • Between Hopes and Possibilities
    At the heart of indigenous people’s existence is its collective critical consciousness; provided as an alternative to the dominant culture and one that refuses to accept the interpretations of reality as defi
  • Non-negotiable Offence
    It was indeed an irony that stories of young girls being raped had to find its way into the front pages of most local news daily thereby lending a painful backdrop to International Women’s Day which was obser
  • Demography and Labor
    With the supposed onward march towards progress and development, Naga policy makers and their consultants have under compulsion initiated its course of action without having much control or ownership over it. T
  • Innovation Mantra
    The decision of the UPA Government to introduce the Prime Minister’s Awards for excellence in Public Administration to recognize the extraordinary and innovative work done by the officers of the Central and S
  • Outside the Loop
    Working the RTI ActDesignating Public Information Officers in the respective department is one thing but what is required is the constitutionally mandated State Information Commission (SIC) which is now expecte
  • Poverty Demoralizes
    While social and economic poverty has caused a serious threat to the survival of humankind, poverty of the mind has a demoralizing effect that questions the very existence of human life. Hence a question to pon
  • DAN’s Reign
    The Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) headed by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio came to power in March 6, 2003 with a plethora of promises as enunciated under the Common Minimum Program (CMP). With the completio
  • Making sense of Non-Govt Organizations
    It seems that any and every organization which does not fall under the direct structure of the state-system is fairly or unfairly labeled as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Indeed the term ‘NGO’ is w
  • Culture as Education
    At the core of all historical processes, education and educational institutions has been a primary mover in shaping the discourse of human relation and the relationship between states, which in turn has reshape
  • The Right Route
    Tens of thousands of people shouting anti-Bush and anti-American slogans on Friday converged in the capital New Delhi to protest US President George W Bush’s visit to the country. Waving red flags, holding pl
  • Education as Development
    Development and Education are about liberating people from all that holds them back from a full human life. Therefore ultimately development and education are about transformation, a process that involves spiri
  • Face-Saving Formula
    The Dimapur Municipal Council may never be able to work in the way it should function given the ugly turn of events that has now divided the very council right down the middle. Worse still, for the ruling NPF g