• Best of Both Worlds
    The series of meeting that has taken place over the last week under the government’s initiative involving the Deputy Commissioners, Gaonboras and Dobashis on the issue of separation of the executive from the
  • Reality Check
    That rural health care in the State is in doldrums is evident from the latest report of an epidemic among vulnerable children of Changlangshu village in Mon district in which more than 10 deaths have been repor
  • Negotiating Space
    A strong impression of Kathmandu is its speeding traffic in narrow lanes sans traffic lights. Yet, in the midst of the chaotic traffic there is some form of accepted order and definitely a remarkable sense of r
  • Brutal Minds
    The deliberate and brutal attack on a fellow elder citizen by a group of local youths in the State Capital Kohima needs to be vehemently and out rightly condemned. Killing an innocent person with villainous vio
  • Sovereign but not Independent
    A research activist remarked that inspite of all the chaos and imperfections of Nepal, its sovereign status and ownership is what gives it a refreshing lease of life; especially for struggling people yearning f
  • Zone of Peace
    The signing of a ceasefire agreement between the two NSCN groups to be made operative in Sumi inhabited areas should be welcomed as it is the desire of the overwhelming majority of people that peace be maintain
  • Radio Nation
    As Nepal transits through yet another critical process of defining the course of its political destiny, what remains certain is the fact that the Radio assumes an indispensable role in defining the opinion of t
  • Editorial !!!
    The continuous task to collectively envisage imaginatively a better relational society is by no means a recent attempt; it has been the ideal yearning of all who contemplate in thought and in action to lead a p
  • Penning Non-violence
    The pen is mightier than the sword they say and true to this philosophy; ideas have a much larger impact than violence. In fact, new ideas can alter the thinking of people and demolish old prejudiced beliefs th
  • Army Powers AFSPA
    The UPA government has decided to reject Justice Jeevan Reddy’s report calling for scrapping of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), after the Army rejected attempt to dilute its powers in the northeast.
  • ULFA Talk Gear
    In a major policy shift in the ongoing peace process with the banned ULFA, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has decided to “completely” pull itself out of the negotiations. The onus is now with the
  • Official Scrap
    In an important and welcome observation, the second Administrative Reforms Commission has recommended scrapping of the 83-year-old Official Secrets Act (OSA) saying it was out of place with the regime of transp
  • Illegal Toll
    Illegal tax collection on transport vehicles by various registered and unregistered unions remain rampant in the State. This is even after the concerned district authorities had passed an order directing the as
  • Game of Life
    Just a few hours to go and millions across the globe, in spite of many limitations—geographical boundaries, political divisions, economic struggle and social concerns—nothing it seems could daunt their enth
  • De-fuelling Trafficking
    For the third year in a row, the US has placed India on its Special Watch List against trafficking for “failing to comply” with the minimum standards to eliminate the scourge and for its failure to show evi
  • Fuel of Burden
    With the latest hike in oil prices, petrol has today become a fuel of burden and not something that is expected to drive and boost the economy. The government’s decision to raise petrol price by Rs 4 a litre
  • Open Government
    The inauguration of the newly constructed Vigilance Commission office building near Nagaland Civil Secretariat, Kohima on 2nd June 2006 and the reported move to house the newly constituted State Information Com
  • Public Outlook
    The importance of public opinion is yet to be fully appreciated in the context of Naga society and polity although such ‘opinions’ are present almost everywhere be it at home, at work places, in church etc.
  • Empowering Peace
    With increasing evidence of factional clashes and an overt turf war spreading from the rural hinterlands to populated urban areas of Kohima and Dimapur, the much hyped and talked about Ceasefire Ground Rules th
  • Courting People’s Hope
    The Congress led UPA Government at the Centre which is presently holding the reins of the executive power must be breathing a sigh of relief following the decision of the Medical Doctors to call off the nation