• Cease...Fire
    Wednesday’s (May 24) spate of factional killings spread across Nagaland is a sad reminder of the tragic extent to which killings among Nagas has come to symbolize its freedom struggle. Unless there is an imme
  • Lifting ‘Code’ Ban
    Released in March 2003, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown has reportedly sold millions of copies and continues to top the list of books that is most sought after by the general public. Likewise, the book can
  • Review Quota System
    As the impasse continues on the issue of reservations, the Group of Ministers appointed to deal with the issue has forwarded its report to the Prime Minister. Much as it is expected of the political class, the
  • Independence by Referendum
    It certainly is delightful and very refreshing to hear that Montenegro – or Black Mountain – gained its independence from Serbia on Sunday by way of the most basic democratic mechanism of popular vote; the
  • Deep Waters
    The assassination of NSCN (K) Kilonser Ngampan Konyak in Mon on May 18 by rival cadres has not only shocked many people but the continuing spate of killings among the Naga UG factions is taking its toll on the
  • Where do we go?
    We live in a time where insanity has become the ruling norm. Though there is an air of complacency and indifference, it will be fair to say that people are tired and quite fed up with the direction that Naga so
  • Profiting Vote
    Much as it was expected and true to their worth, politicians of all shades and opinions (barring the minuscule minority) have finally capped a two-month row of endless debate and media spin-off to finally succu
  • The modern challenge for Nagas
    For many generations now, Nagas as a people have resisted and continue to resist the idea that they cannot live as a free and dignified peoples. Various policies and legislations have been implemented and pursu
  • Amsterdam’s Luck
    The long awaited round of peace talks between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) gets underway at Amsterdam in a few hours time from now. Though much delayed for whatever reasons, it is hoped that the lo
  • Human Trafficking – A predicament
    Human trafficking constitutes one of the leading categories of violence in the world today. It is estimated that each year “1 to 2 million people are trafficked worldwide of which 225,000 are believed to be f
  • Is Anyone Listening?
    In Nagaland state, issues of power supply, irregular water supply and pitiable road conditions have been in the public realm for many years now. Summer after summer, monsoons after monsoons, year after year; th
  • Plus & Minus
    The decision of the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland government to send a delegation to New Delhi to press upon the Government of India (GOI) to expedite the peace process is a step in the right direction that n
  • Hopeful Imagination
    In a time of abused powers, hegemonizing structural systems, stifled voices and a frightened culture, it is essential to cultivate hope. Hope is not to be equated with a misplaced reality of suffering peacefull
  • Poetry Rouse
    The result of the first ever Nagaland Poetry Competition conducted under the aegis of the Poetry Society (India) was announced on Monday in the presence of Governor Shyamal Datta. The competition which witnesse
  • Dilemmas of Deployment
    The question surrounding deployment of armed troops into conflict areas is a difficult decision requiring the highest decision-making authorities to discern political will and ethical conscience. The consequenc
  • Poll-Balance Sheet
    The end result of the much awaited Assembly Polls in four States has now led to several interesting post-poll analysis with even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh feeling upbeat enough to claim that the poll outcom
  • Naga Youths
    Naga youths are in a time when some of them feel they are part of a misplaced generation. Their parents resisted the idea that they could not live as free people, for which they experienced the hardship of huma
  • A World of Ideas
    Human conviction reasons that change is continuous and that humankind is capable of understanding; an understanding rooted in context and conscience. Both these convictions are located within an inclusive histo
  • Paper School
    Putting together all the factors that help distinguish the superior performance of private run schools as compared to government schools may not be a plausible exercise at this juncture. However, to generalize,
  • Dangerous Game
    The on-off political confrontation between the ruling NPF Party and the Opposition Congress has sometimes led to a degeneration of politics to mere partisan squabbles provoked by politicians on either side for