• History repeats itself
    The existence of Indigenous peoples and their right for self-determination has and still continues to pose a moral and political dilemma to the question of state legitimacy. Tragically, states and their respect
  • Dialogue between Monologues
    At the just recently concluded Summit of the Powerless organized by Tehelka, an alternative newspaper, under the theme Two Indias One future, Tehelka contributed to the process of getting the various voices on
  • Renewal
    How does one construct the memories of yesterday which is the past; how does one engage with today that is the present; and how does one prepare to stand face to the mysteries of tomorrow? Perhaps the underpinn
  • Opaque Sight
    The NPF led Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) Government is once again under pressure from two powerful constituency—the Naga Students Federation (NSF) and the Nagaland Contractors and Suppliers Union (NC
  • Harm Reduction
    The community event jointly organized by CAD Foundation and Prodigal’s Home under the noble theme ‘Celebrating Life’ addressing the problem of drug abuse confronting Naga society is a step in the right di
  • Hope is NOT a strategy!
    It continues to be the deep felt anguish and yearning of the Nagas to move from a point of uncertainty to stability and from fragile peace to one where sustainable peace is with dignity. The challenge of course
  • Transformative Praxis
    The historical dividing issues between Indigenous people and the State system are a reality that is being relived by the descendants of indigenous nations. The lack of will to address the indigenous issues has
  • Sham Sector
    As Nagaland joined the rest of the country in commemorating the 53rd All India Co-operative week, it is a matter of concern that movement is almost in disarray and far from the ideals envisioned, which is to me
  • Enlightened Pragmatism
    Charting a new course for an “irreversible friendship”, India and China have decided to promote all round cooperation both bilaterally and at the international level. The decision taken by both countries to
  • Privilege Club
    Despite the last-ditch opposition to the India-US civil nuclear cooperation deal, the US Senate voted 85-12 on Thursday last in favour of the historic deal. Significantly, each of the six “killer” amendment
  • Winds of Change
    The unfolding political stability in Nepal ever since the peace deal arrived between the reinstated civilian government and the Maoists provides ample opportunity for real democracy to return to the Himalayan K
  • Political Passover
    The continuing war of words between the ruling Nagaland People’s Front (NPF) and the Opposition Congress over the prevailing law and order situation is turning out to be another spectacle similar to the Offic
  • Change and Media
    In human terms, one critical obstacle that stands in the way of societal change is fear. Although fear is a natural phenomenon, it has been used as an instrument by which people are ruled. For instance, the fea
  • Truth and Knowledge
    Truth and knowledge are existential realities perceived and understood in different ways. It is essential to examine how the basis of social and cultural practices formed the realms of knowledge that not only r
  • Call for CBI Probe
    Now that the Chairman of the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC) has voluntarily vacated his chair, one of the two demands of the Naga Students Federation (NSF) has been ‘unexpectedly’ fulfilled. The
  • Poverty Demoralizes
    While social and economic poverty has caused a serious threat to the survival of humankind, poverty of the mind has a demoralizing effect that questions the very existence of human life. Hence a question to pon
  • Corridor of Uncertainty
    As pointed out by the North East Students Organization (NESO), there is no denying the fact that the Look East Policy (LEP) of the Central government should be a policy aimed at betterment of the people of the
  • Perception of boundaries
    The passionate and innate relationship between human beings and land has and continues to define the dialectical parameters of what constitutes a peoples’ understanding of a dignified existence. A political t
  • Patriarchy and Development
    In recent years, waves of ‘state-centric development’ policies and programs have been initiated in Nagaland. Most of these policies and programs have centered around two focal areas, infrastructure and huma
  • Step up Security
    With the onset of the holiday season and expected tourists likely to come in big numbers for the Mega Hornbill Festival, any unfavorable law and order situation may lead to both embarrassment for the State gove